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Boy Scouts

We were on a camping trip it was september time and we had lots to do.
During a break me and my patrol came across a swimming pool - which was now shut for the end of the season.
It was full of leaves and dead frogs on the bottom
Anyway as troop leader i was in charge so telling everybody we were all going to go for a swim we all ******** off and jumped in. It was cold but exhilarating
One of the boys was shy and was using his hands to cover himself but another was excited and had an erection.
It was a good way to bond sand harmless fun
scottishnudistguy scottishnudistguy 51-55, M 1 Response Dec 12, 2010

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Didn't last too long in the scouts myself, but any swimming there was nude with kids of all ages, counselors and the scout master. Of course, in that time period all male-only swimming (regardless of the ages involved) was expected to be nude. It's a great equalizer. Everybody has things about themselves that worry them and group nudity is a great way to see you're not the only one (with whatever real or imagined problem). The group skinny dipping is a great way, too, to instill some great memories and a lifetime of enjoyment of the water flowing over bare skin!