I Swam In a River

I was 17 and living out in the desert with some other girls around my age, guided by a couple of older (20's) people.  We'd stopped at a river and after building a shelter with some brush and driftwood, were sitting around the fire.

The moon was very bright, and one of the girls mentioned how nice it would be to swim in the river.  We had swum in creeks and ponds during our journey, but either kept on our shorts and t-shirts, or wore our underwear as makeshift bathing suits. One of our guides then smiled and said "you know; it's not really skinny-dipping if you do it at night."

So we all stacked a bunch of wood on the fire for when we were done, Picked our way by moonlight to the water's edge, and started disrobing.  As most of us were teenagers, there was a lot of embarrassment with being naked in front of others involved, and we all got into the water as quickly as possible.  The river was wide and deep, with a slow current.  It almost felt warm but that was only in contrast with the cool wind blowing down the arroyo. The moonlight glistened off the ripples in the water.

We swam for maybe 30 minutes, when most of us were just too cold to keep going.  Then, there was more embarrassment as we climbed out and hurried back into our clothes, then shivered our way back to the campfire which by now was blazing.  It was a good night for swimming, and a good night for warming up by a campfire afterward.

I think someday, I'd like to swim in that river again, alone this time.  Just me and the waves and the moonlight.

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Enjoyed a similar experience. Later looked forward to overnite canoe and backpacking trips to enourage companions in participating, also.

That's a great fantasy to go skinny-dip alone, but it's never a good idea to swim alone...and it's so much more fun when you have a partner to swim with like this! Trust me!

Good memories are a wonderful thing. They keep you going during the dull and stressful times of our lives.<br />
Yeah, I love skinny dipping, too.

I can understand and share you desire to swim again in the river, but I caution you about swimming alone. It is not safe to do so, I suggest you find a trusted friend who also shares your desires and then both of you can do so with the safety of each other. I guess what I am saying is do not spoil a good time by risking your safety, it could be the last time you go swimming, and we wouldn’t want that.

It is great skinny-dipping in the right rivers or other natural bodies of water. Do not wear underwear so would not have to worry about a makeshift swimming suit. If I can not skinny-dip for some reason, I like swimming in my Levi's.

You should, then you would have another story to write about how you felt going back to that river the second time around as an adult.