Skinny Dipping Is 70's

I went window shopping one night at 4am in an outdoor mall naked. Normaly I know better to watch what I'm doing in public because being a tall slender guy with long red hair everyone is always watching me but this night I was driving naked as usual heading back to Hollywood from up north while smoking meth and I decided to get off the freeway to rest a bit and I found myself in a big empty parking lot pariking in a cool tucked away ally dead end. After sitting there for a while smoking meth I decided to get out and look around and I went down this long path behind this building and when the path turned is when I was in front of a store window. I stopped and looked then did the same to every othe store window and you get the rest of this story. Somebody stop me
Smoothpackage Smoothpackage
26-30, M
May 9, 2012