Skinny Dipping In Back Yard Pool

I enjoy the warm weather in summer it gives me time to spent in the pool and just relax. I have for years gone swiming in our pool naked and enjoy the freedom it gives without wearing anything. I look at a pool as if it was a bathtub, when I go to have a bath or a shower you go nude so when I go into our pool I do the same go nude. The way our house is situated you really can't be seen by others so going nude is pretty safe well pretty safe not always safe. I was in the pool and there has been a few times the neighbour next door has wondered over either to borrow something or looking for the wife just to chat. Well it was a nice warm day and I was going to spent it around the pool. I was in swiming back and forth then I would get out and lay in the sun for a short time and back into the pool I would go. While I was in the pool the neighbour came over and I guess she heard me in the pool and came into the pool area wanting to chat, here I was naked as a j bird and 20 feet of pool between me and a towel. At first it was OK she really couldn't see to much but as time went on while she was talking it became clear that she could see I was naked, The wife heard her out in the pool area so she came over and started to chat with the neighbour and they both sat down in the chairs that were around the pool. My wife was in a bikini and she is a real good looking women and it can get me aroused when she is in the pool with me. Well anyhow I'm in the pool they are busy talking and they keep clancing over and I'm starting to get erect, so finally I just say the heck with it and get out of the pool with it standing tall and I slowly walk over to wear my towel was and I just sit down on it and did not cover myself up. I figured they knew I was nude but they didn't want to take their conversation somewhere else then they will just have to put up with me being naked, my erection didn't want to go away to fast I think with them clancing over did arouse me somewhat, so really why worry about it getting hard it does what it wants to when it wants to, so after that time I go around the pool nude and if neighbour wants to chat with the wife so be it I'm comfortable. By the way the wife said after that time she was chatting with the neighbour she wanted to see how long I was going to stay in the water and she figured sooner or later I would not care and get out which she was right. Now to where I can tell you how to stop it from getting hard easy don't worry about it if you get aroused so be it the more you worry about it the worst it becomes, just let it do it's own thing and relax.
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1 Response May 21, 2012

Great attitude! Does the neighbor come around while you are in the pool now! Does your wife join you in the same state of au natural as you do?