Skinny-dipping Then And Now

Not far from where I grew up was a lake. We went skinny-dipping, and mother found out. Her argument was that I wanted everyone to see me nekkid, so I had to undress in front of my siblings and got a whooping. I never went back there again since then. We live in a very rural area and quite secluded. About 20 minutes from us is a creek. Although it is not part of our property, I have never encountered anyone there. It is very quiet and peaceful there. On days when it is hot and I am done with most of everything, I go there, undress and just sit in the water.
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It's great to have a place like that - and also places where one is more likely to be seen - it can all be good

Mother was mother, or better yet mother superior. Anything that had something to do with sex or nudity was punished. My actually enjoying this started some time ago, when my husband wanted to discuss "crime and punishment" with me. I was led naked and blindfolded to this creek and had to sit down. Then he left and I had a lot of time to think. Going there by myself, I am not tied and blindfolded but can enjoy nature and spend time thinking and relaxing.

I am glad that your mother's overreaction did not dissuade you from enjoying being nude outdoors.

shaming and hitting a child does seem monumentally ineffective - a good job too in this case. I would have hoped country folk might be a bit more 'live and let live!'