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So New And Exhilarating!

Ok, I can't remember exactly how many of you guys in my circle I've talked to about my sexuality, but recently I've been doing some experimenting, and I've been thinking about other girls more and more. I'm really sorry if that offends anyone, but I just can't stop thinking about it!
Some of you might know that I've been at camp this week, and I met somebody special :) her name's Katie, and she's from Massachusetts. We got to talking while we were doing a hiking activity together one day, and she asked If she could tell me something. I told her sure, so she started talking about how she'd been with this girl and she was confused about what she wanted. We kept on talking and eventually got off the subject. When we got back to the dorm we're staying in (she's my roommate lol) I had to tell her about what I'd been feeling about my sexuality. If anybody here goes to UConn., then you know there are a few lakes on campus, and a few that are a little way off of campus.
We talked for so long about it! And eventually I was sure that she was interested, so I was ready for whatever she wanted to do. Anyway, we took a walk around campus :) We got to one of the lakes, I forget its name, but it's towards the edge of campus (It might actually be off campus technically) so it's not in the middle of a bunch of people ;P
We sat by the lake for a while, because I think we were both kind of awkwardly waiting for the other to see what we were going to do! Anyway, she looked around, and she starts to take her shirt and shorts off, and so I asked what she was doing and she said "Nobody's around, let's go swimming!" I started to take my shirt off and I was like "ok, sounds fun" I was just going to go swimming in my bra and boyshorts, but as I go towards the water she comes over and pulls my panties down! I was like "What are you doing!?" And she said that we should go skinny dipping, it would be fun. I thought about it, but then agreed ;P So anyway I get my bra off and she gets out of her underwear, so we jump in and the water is FREEZING! Idk how many of you have been to connecticut, but the water hasn't quite warmed up this time of year lol.
I've only been skinny dipping one other time, so it's still not a really familiar experience. But it was dark, so I was feeling pretty confident about privacy. She swam up to me and started to get a little bit intimate :) She brushed my wet hair away from my face, and followed through down my neck and shoulder to my side and pulled me in a little bit. I moved closer and touched my nose to her cheek and gave her a light kiss on her neck. I don't really want to go into details about it here, because I wanna make sure she's okay with my sharing the rest of the story before I tell a bunch of people. But if you want to know more I guess you could message me about it.
Wow I kind of rambled on lol, so that's it for now! -Gabby
shygirl214 shygirl214 18-21, F 21 Responses Jun 24, 2012

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I LOVE skinny dipping... sadly, it has been years!! Maybe it is time to find another "ole swimming hole"...... of course the community pool is going to open soon..... one fence and I'm in.... advice... always keep your swimsuit in the pool with you... can make for embarrassing mugshots... lol

So hot

Sexuality is a choice. I cannot judge yours nor you mine. I can only wish you pleasure.

i want to be with u now and sharing our pics

Hi Gabby, 1st . good for you . I have rules too! I've wondered for yrs. what would it be like to be with a girl ,it stays in the back of my mind.Maybe that's why I'm always so freakin horny.At work ,me & my girlfriends always fool around daring each other to wear the hottest out fit to work.I never lose.But dealing with gorgeous,sexy women constantly is taking it . I even told my hubby,I think of them 24/7. "You're being punished for being born with 2 libidos,Lexi"He thinks it's funny. I'm doing it again blah blah ! bye now.....Alexis

Gabby, you are one sexy babe! I have skinny dipped a lot and luv it..

It seems like a perfectly normal and lovely time. Certainly nothing to feel badly about.

I promise, your secret is safe with me...

Nice story. I hope there's a happy ending.

As do I.

I didn't consider it rambling, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
And it's your life, you need not have to explain yourself to the naysayers !

yay thats awesome! Im happy for you =)

Thanks :)

Hi Gabby,<br />
I think your story is so sweet and SO SEXY! And you are a doll to keep the details to yourself until you ask Katie. I am a married woman and have had sex with women and must say, I LOVE IT!!! I really prefer sex with women to sex with men. Women seem to take as much time as you need, nothing is hurried. It is filled with sweetness and tenderness and touching another woman's body is like heaven.<br />
<br />
Go ahead, experiment and enjoy. You are young and this is the time to do it. Luckily I married a man who is totally ok with me experiencing a woman's touch in addition to his.

Aww thank you :) I understand where these other commenters are coming from, but seriously its my choice. I'm not a lesbian, I just enjoy how intimate sex is with another woman :P

Yes Gabby, you are absolutely right, the intimacy is next to none. Enjoy every minute. Learn everything you can. Life is short and is meant to be savored!

forget about Alex4142 he's just frustrated himself,<br />
i am a guy... but i'm jealous cause one of the perks of<br />
being a woman is that every is acceptable, you can be <br />
straight, yet have the satisfaction of kissing and messing <br />
around with a another female and its all good no body cares,<br />
in fact its even sexier... unfortunately the same does not <br />
apply for guys though, its just GAY haha oh well!<br />
who cares, life is short and i enjoy every piece of it...<br />
<br />
by the way even though i cross dress as a girl (may not <br />
be passable but it sure is exciting!) i still like women..<br />
i'd be a lesbian if i was born a girl... or at least bi =)<br />
women are so sensual like you said and they areEXCITING<br />
they got so many sexy clothing ..<br />
from all sorts of panties, lace, satin, boyshorts, hipsters thongs<br />
etc... unlike boys just boxers and briefs<br />
<br />
and then skirts, dresses, shorts, mini skirts, summer dress<br />
a bunch of tops! etc..<br />
and MAKE UP my favorite, make yourself look fresh and <br />
different and feminine every morning ... <br />
<br />
cool story wish i could hear the ending

Thank you for your support! I have no problem with that if that's what makes you happy :)

So glad you both had a great time

Hi Gabby<br />
<br />
That sounds great to me! I totally identify with the way your feelings are developing and would just encourage you to go with your instincts. and when you get the chance, take a trip up the coast to Provincetown MA.<br />
<br />

Skinny-dipping is so much fun. I have a fenced in backyard within in-ground pool so I always swim in the nude. You are a good friend and a person of real integrity to stay discreet about the event until Katy gave you permission to talk openly.

You are a good friend and a person of real integrity to stay discreet about the event until Katy gave the OK...i'd like to think everyone would be so considerate!<br />
It sounds like you two had a wonderful time (and i don't need to know anything more!)

:) awesome

Very hot! I hope she is ok with you sharing the details because I would love to hear them.

She's ok with it :) Message me if there's anything you wanna talk about

sweet, young, bi-curious and naked..........nothing the matter with you at all......enjoy !

shygirl214,<br />
<br />
Sounds like you both had a great awakening experience.<br />
<br />
Bare Hugs<br />

I think a lot of girls are at least somewhat "bi-curious." I mean let's face it, a girls' (or woman's) body just screams sensuality.

I get told that a lot, and the more I think about it, the more I agree