Skinny Dipping

This was about 30 years ago when this happened.I met this girl just walking in the street and gave her a lift.And she wanted to go swimming but I didn't have a pool so we went to the forest preserve.There was a big lake there used for water retention and it was also used for fishing.
                                                                                        When we got there we walked down to the waters edge ******** down and went into the water and splashed around abit then held each other close.
                                                                                      Next thing I know little fish were taking nibbles on my legs.And I told her "lets get out of here.So we did.
       My first and last time I went skinny dipping.
harrybgood1 harrybgood1
61-65, M
1 Response Nov 28, 2012

i skinny dip all the time i have pool at home an never anything on when in it it is ncie free feeling,,wife gets **** i do that