Co-workers Pool

It was a Friday and our boss gave us the afternoon off. Jennifer asked me if I would like to come over to her house for lunch before I went home. She lived within walking distance of work. When we arrived at her house I noticed she had a large in ground pool with a waterfall. It was gorgeous. After a few drinks I hinted that the pool would be wonderful on a hot day like this. She agreed and told me to go ahead and go swimming if I wanted.

She smiled after I told her that obviously I didn't have a suit with me. No problem she said, I won't look. I was nervous but began to undress. Jennifer was beautiful and I wanted to be naked with her. She watched me as I removed my suit jacket and tie. I kicked off my shoes and started to remove my shirt when she excused herself and went into the house. When she returned with a couple more drinks, I was already naked and in the pool. I swam to the side and she handed me a drink. I asked her if she was going to join me, but she said no, she would just rather watch.

I was enjoying myself swimming alone when I heard other voices. Apparently, Jennifer had called some of her girlfriend over to watch me swim. They were all laughing and watching me. One of her friends asked if I was lonely and wanted some company. Eventually they all got naked and jumped into the pool. Jennifer did have the hot body I expected. Now we often go to her house after work and spend the evening nude in her pool. Sometimes, even her friends join us.
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We are co-workers. At this point, just lots of naked skin. Jennifer said she will be inviting some other guys to join us. That might be fun.