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Last night we needed mother daughter time its been a rough week. I retreat to places that are serene when i need time to think. We chose the lake while we were swinging on the swings ...The tree in front of me that is enormous now wasn't when i was a kid . I began to think back to three years ago 8 of us decided to go for a dip , it was in the 90s all week we had a couple cocktails and went skinny dipping . The best part was the next day however ...I had forgotten a very expensive bra at the beach, determined to find it i returned around 8:30 am . Looking all over the sand on the beach . There was an elderly man say 75 years old watching me wander ...Right next to this man is my 75 dollar bra....I bent down of course he was watching ,picked it up ,shook the sand ,smiled and walked away.

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I am sure he was keeping an eye out to see whose bra it was!

I'll bet he had quite a story to tell at his next Thanksgiving dinner.

I'd also bet you'd enjoy that swim wearing your garter belt and stockings! LOL

i would have at least smiled at u plz add me love red heads

plz add me

after you picked it up ,you should have looked at the old man & blew him a kiss :)


so you liked my comment :) but you can;t add ?? :( that sucks lol

Sure...Sure! I will believe ya just like I do every other man...

not for someone else because of someone else hun

Awww...Rickshrooms has left us for someone else:(

bootie dance? you did a bootie dance? and i missed it??? oh **** just read some other comments i gotta go never mind


Wow did you ever expect 415 comments out of this story hehehe

YAY we did the arse dance just for me....

Waiting to the big debate. *rolls eyes*<br />
<br />
Bet they say 10000 words without saying a thing

Your arrival!

*does the arse dance with Red* woo hoo! Wait what are we celebrating again?

*bootie dance * Wendys in the house woohoo!

HAHA The poor poor little birdy he will live! <br />
Hey Blue whatcha know?<br />
((((Red)))) What up chic?

Nope ! Its reminded me of a rubber chicken sort of and now i can't get it out of my purdy lil head hahahaha !

That is so not a pretty sight.

*innocent look* I tried to put his tail feathers back Blue ! Really ,really tried ... he just went crazy!

but butt.

Oh look a bald guy >>>>>> Birdie has a bald butt!!

I'm bald as a babies butt. : )

Hey I'm not bald

Proud ,strong ,bald..Eagle are you going chicken on me now ? :) What you say ? !@#$%^&*

Can you what RHR... Never mind I just didnt ask that...<br />
Dont let me down now wings.......

Can I ??? Huh Can I ?

I'm not going to ask

REDMAN!!!!! Birds have to be surgicaly sexed anyhow NAH NAH ! Which brings up some interesting questions hmmmm ???????????????????????????

((((((WEN)))))))<br />

I could soooo comment on that, but I will leave it to the red kitty. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...I just don't want to touch that with a 10 foot pole....haha

OH sorry my beak.... dang dont start

Ok RHR I have been plucked leave my dang wings alone... Next thing you will be doing is going after my ******..

Silly red don't ya know the bird prolly did it. <br />

R... <br />
I'm doing awesome my Dear!!! Good to run into you too!!!<br />
First rule to avoid the sickness....<br />
Don't to put your clothes back on...<br />
<br />

HS HI !!! HOW THE HECK ARE YOU? Floating here by myself with birdie isn't looking so good ...Sea sick i think maybe you should teach him how to grow sea legs???? :)

Nothing like a skinny dipping red to achieve 390 comments!!!<br />

*Batts eyes,sheepish grin*

Smiles back while muttering "Or get them in more trouble"* lol

Night sweety see you later !:) I will keep the boys out of trouble honest i will! Smile

Oh yeah and the tailless birdy has to sing a lullaby to me though

*Is going to curl up under her warm, comfy pine needles for the night* Night ya'll

The bird is a word ...i mean he wants to play with us *grabs wet wing...Flings birdie into the water* WOOOOOHOOOO he looks like he is flying

YAY!!!!!!!! ahahaha are you a quitter mr. birdie w/no tail feathers?

I give up......

ROFLMAO *follows RHR!*

RHR *does cannon ball off the top of birdies head*

*Leaps up out of the water to go swing on the big tree* <br />

Spits water at birdies nakie backside lalalalal la la

*River dance my dear friend or should we just do the snoopy dance?* *Chanting with Redhead Were gonna get a lot of money dadadadadadad*

Rick has made our tender flesh dirty and so we must cleanse ourselves in the lake Redman . Tell me oh wise birdie has Rickshrooms tainted your ...Oh hell! *dancing with Wendy * Were gonna get alot of money lalalalalala

*Stomps foot* I don't want to get out! Why should I? No fair! *Chases birdy with no tail feathers up a tree*

*Dancing with red* hmmm how bout he just buy me a house? a nice one with a widow's walk????

Ok you guys and girls get you clothes on and get out of the lake... LOL

So now you are buying us ? lol HMMM checks ,credit cards let me count the ways *dancing in the street*

*HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA* and that my forest nakie friends is all I have to say to rickshrooms.....j/k you might get my vote if you send me a check!

i can't send you cash i have just announced my candidacy for president in 2012 and if i give you money people will accuse me of buying votes LOL

Yeah I saw that. Naughty Rickshrooms he should be ashamed of himself. TISK TISK RICKSHROOMS...<br />
Can you believe he said he was innocent?<br />
<br />
*Pulls Rickshrooms cap off*

How about pay pal ... hmmmm ... what is the prize?

Hi Wendy! Do you you see this Rick guy trying to con me .

Hewwwwwwo kitty friend!!!1

INNOCENT MY ARSE!!!!!! You don't know the deifinition of innocent and Awaress don't let him pay you off it just aint right!

Yeah ok sure whatever....Cold hard cash please

what kind hip check? body check? LOL

hmmm tapping foot i would like a check ...Please?

(checks in the mail awaress)

i tell ya i'm innocent! i was born fully dressed i even shower dressed that picture isn't even me!!! see me looking innocent here???

Rickshroom, You better send me a large check if you want me to convince all these people you are inoccent. lol I have some very good memories and you where not inoccent at all. Thank god:)

This skinny dipping party has been going on for a long time. I need to join in, so.... last one in is a rotten egg!<br />
<br />
And for the cost of the bra, you can leave it in the car. Who knew those bolder holders were so costly. Oh, wait, must be La Pearla or something like that.

its not naughty its art

Naughty Rickshroom

well its in my album for all to see LOL

I have ???

oh you've seen the picture red LOL

Wow its a good thing i have my hip waders on ! Rick Nakie pictures.

IT WASN'T ME!!!!!!!!

excuse me I had a tickle in my throat!


*shocked* i'm a virgin you can ask my girlfriend i'm very innocent!!!!! LOL

I never said it wasn't art...I just said you weren't innocent....pushes rickshrooms into the lake bare arsed

that picture is strictly art it is not meant to be obscene or arousing in any way *hides face*

OH? *Pulls out the bullshit card on Rick* Have you taken a look at your pics lately innocent my ***!

go where???? i'm too innocent for fetishes

So howsie boutsie we don't go there?<br />
<br />
or maybe we do?

Ok, this could go places that even polar bares fear to tread.

fetish theres a topic there for skinny dipping

EM I have a fetish for lingerie *shrugs* I have spent more .:)

ME?????? sweet (not so) little innocent moi??

I think you did it!

blame it on redkitty she stole my shrooms remember?