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I Love It

Last night we needed mother daughter time its been a rough week. I retreat to places that are serene when i need time to think. We chose the lake while we were swinging on the swings ...The tree in front of me that is enormous now wasn't when i was a kid . I began to think back to three years ago 8 of us decided to go for a dip , it was in the 90s all week we had a couple cocktails and went skinny dipping . The best part was the next day however ...I had forgotten a very expensive bra at the beach, determined to find it i returned around 8:30 am . Looking all over the sand on the beach . There was an elderly man say 75 years old watching me wander ...Right next to this man is my 75 dollar bra....I bent down of course he was watching ,picked it up ,shook the sand ,smiled and walked away.

redheadsrule redheadsrule 36-40, F 389 Responses Aug 11, 2008

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I am sure he was keeping an eye out to see whose bra it was!

I'll bet he had quite a story to tell at his next Thanksgiving dinner.

I'd also bet you'd enjoy that swim wearing your garter belt and stockings! LOL

i would have at least smiled at u plz add me love red heads

plz add me

after you picked it up ,you should have looked at the old man & blew him a kiss :)


so you liked my comment :) but you can;t add ?? :( that sucks lol

Great story!

Sure...Sure! I will believe ya just like I do every other man...

not for someone else because of someone else hun

Awww...Rickshrooms has left us for someone else:(

bootie dance? you did a bootie dance? and i missed it??? oh **** just read some other comments i gotta go never mind


Wow did you ever expect 415 comments out of this story hehehe

YAY we did the arse dance just for me....

Waiting to the big debate. *rolls eyes*<br />
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Bet they say 10000 words without saying a thing

Your arrival!

*does the arse dance with Red* woo hoo! Wait what are we celebrating again?

*bootie dance * Wendys in the house woohoo!

HAHA The poor poor little birdy he will live! <br />
Hey Blue whatcha know?<br />
((((Red)))) What up chic?

Nope ! Its reminded me of a rubber chicken sort of and now i can't get it out of my purdy lil head hahahaha !

That is so not a pretty sight.

*innocent look* I tried to put his tail feathers back Blue ! Really ,really tried ... he just went crazy!

but butt.

Oh look a bald guy >>>>>> Birdie has a bald butt!!

I'm bald as a babies butt. : )

Hey I'm not bald

Proud ,strong ,bald..Eagle are you going chicken on me now ? :) What you say ? !@#$%^&*

Can you what RHR... Never mind I just didnt ask that...<br />
Dont let me down now wings.......

Can I ??? Huh Can I ?

I'm not going to ask

REDMAN!!!!! Birds have to be surgicaly sexed anyhow NAH NAH ! Which brings up some interesting questions hmmmm ???????????????????????????