My Spot To Skinny Dip

Near my school there are a couple of great places to skinny dip. In the hills above school there is a creek that has some great secluded spots where skinny dipping is safe and a lot of fun.
Below my school is a huge lake that runs about 40 miles. Its deep, clear and beautiful and has a lot of great places to get your clothes off. I cant wat for spring so I can find a llace next to the water in tall weeds where I can lay in the sun completely nude.
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I've never been skinny dipping, I Dream of the day, hot wet and naked. isn't that what summer is for?!

Mmmmm sounds wonderful.

The lake by your school sounds wonderful!<br />
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A few years ago I visited a coastal state, and stayed at a hotel directly on the ocean. They had a gated pool directly on the beach; but it was mid-week and the hotel was not busy. The hotel staff weren't even bothering to lock the pool gate at night. <br />
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So one night I decided to go swimming in the middle of the night, about midnight. I knew it would be obvious if someone was approaching (the gate was noisy) so I felt safe and I went skinnydipping. It was an amazing experience - the air was warm and humid, and there was a lightning storm several miles (a safe distance) offshore, so I was able to relax and watch the show nature was putting on for me! <br />
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An experience I will never forget.

Must be fun. You probably get a thrill when someone sees you

Sounds fun! When I was growing up we had a place like that near my house. My friend and I were regular skinny dippers there in the summers. Enjoy and share your pics of the experience for us!

I dont have pics of that. I'm usually too busy being sure no one can see.