Caught In The Act...maybe

A few years back, when living on a golf course in South Florida, I often would skinning dip in my pool and sit nude on the patio. Before going out to the pool or the patio I would check to see if any golfers were nearby. If so, I would wait until they played through. Because of it being three fairways across to the houses on the other side, the distance was at least 100 yards. As far as those neighbors, between that distance and the height of the landscaping at the back of my property I felt comfortable walking and sitting nude around the patio. If I was already sitting on the patio and golfers approached I would cover my lap with a newspaper or whatever was handy. Being golfers, they were always too involved with their games to pay much notice to the houses lining the course; especially if there was no movement to distract them.

It was an interesting neighborhood that I did not fully appreciate until moving away. There were 101 houses and almost no children. And when a couple did have a baby, they moved out to a bigger house. Therefore, I felt very comfortable being nude outside on our patio and backyard. Never had any complaints.

The nearest I came to being caught nude out there was when Kathy was walking her dog Spot along the cart path early one evening. My wife and I knew Kathy and her husband Tom due to our dogs. While we lived near the green on hole number six, they lived at the other end near the tee. They were 30ish, while we were 40ish. Often our spouses travelled for business.

During this close call, both Tom and my wife where out of town. I was skinny-dipping in our pool and sitting on the submerged shelf, facing the golf course, with a Martini in a plastic cocktail glass. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kathy and Spot coming from my left, heading towards her house. I nonchalantly grabbed the yellow foam pool float and positioned it to cover my lower body. I was not sure if the float with the narrow width in front of me would cover my goodies given the angle she would be looking from. Therefore, I positioned the float with the long length running towards her.

Kathy saw me and we started chatting about nothing of import. As we continued to chat, she moved closer to our pool screening, stopping only a few feet from it. As it was a small pool, this put her about 20 feet away from me.

The whole time I wondered if she could see I was nude or thought it odd how I held the float in front of me. Eventually she left, and I never knew if my skinny-dipping had been discovered or not. I guess I will never know how much she saw. Maybe from her angle she saw everything, or maybe she saw a little bit of a bare hip given the way I had the narrow float in front of me.

Kathy is a cute young lady.  She is 98 pounds (she told us) and has an attractive flat chest with nice nipples (noticed during a conversation when she was braless).  If she had asked if I was skinny-dipping I would have answered honestly.  If she had asked to prove it, I would have.  If she had asked to join me, I would have graciously invited her.  Nothing naughty would have occurred as I don’t escalate social nude situations to sexual situations, as I never want to spoil a good thing. 

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Jan 21, 2013