Wow! Just Had My Best Nude Experience Yet At The Quarry.
I rode my bike over to my favorite place to get naked this afternoon (see my other posts for more about the quarry), since in was such a beautiful day in Columbus.
When I got to the pathway down to the lake I didn't see anybody there, but as I rode down the sloped approach to the water I could hear voices over at the place where the cliff is.
I hesitated behind the brush until I could check out the situation. I could see two people and could hear both a male and a female voice. Cool. I was in the process ofdeciding whether to go ahead and skinny dip in front of them (the cliff is about 65-75 years away) when I saw a nude body climbing up out of the water. That does it! I thought. Off came my clothes and I made my way out from behind the brush and down to the water's edge. I could see two sets of legs sitting together up at the top as I entered the water.
At first I couldn't tell if both were nude or not. But as I waded out into the water I watched the movement up there and shortly was able to make out a guys bare butt in a horizontal position and a tanned pair of legs emerging from underneath. They were doing the deed right there out in the sun! I started to get a hard on as I stood there waist deep in the water and watched them.
This went on for awhile as I waded/swam. There was no doubt they knew I was there.
Later whenthey had stopped and were sitting up there on the cliff as I waded around I could see they were looking my way so I waved and hollered hello to them. They waved back and I asked them if they come down here to skinny dip often. They said no, this was there first time. I asked how the cliff jump was and they guy said, "awesome". I asked if they minded if I came over and tried it.
There was a long hesitation and I said, "that's OK." And he said maybe after we leave. (Darn, would've been too good to be true, but I understood).
Anyways, I stayed for a good 40 minutes or so, swimming around and climbing rocks. A little later the girl got bold enough to come out for a jump into the water, so I got a good look at the both of them as I waded around in chest deep water. She was fantastic looking! She had a tanned body that didn't seem to have tan lines, perfectly toned, small firm breasts, and best of all... bare down below! Actually, it looked like the guy also shaved or waved too because there was no sign of pubic hair that I could see between the both of them. As I watched her standing near the water, full frontal for minutes on end, and then climbing up the rocks fully exposed, I got a great big hard-on. I knew it wouldn't go away so I did the natural thing and stroked under the water until I came -- all the while with a prefect view of this nude young woman.
Afterwards I sat out on a rock and dried myself in the sun, still nude and still in full view of them. I was truly enjoying this! Then I got dressed and hollered to them that I'd try the cliff next time and waved goodbye.
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I think you all enjoyed the experience! I would love to have an experience similar to this...