I Don't Even Own A Swimsuit Anymore.

I first went skinny dipping back when I was in 7th grade or so, and I loved it. It was a warm summer night, my parents weren't home and I had the house (and most importantly, pool) to myself. I just slipped off my bikini once I got in and left it on the side of the pool. Ever since I turned 18 though, I got rid of my swimsuits and now I only swim if I'm naked. It's really the only way to do it, it feels 20 times better than swimming in a bathing suit, you never have that icky wet-clothes feeling. Once you become comfortable with your body, it's really not a big deal either. I mean, I've skinny-dipped many many times both in private and in public, with friends and with strangers. If I'm at a friend's house and we all wanna go swimming, I just ***** everything off and no one seems to really mind. Sometimes they join me ;)


If you haven't done it yet, DO IT.

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Skinny dipping is just the best. I've been doing it since I was in my teens - mainly in places where it is not allowed. I've even done it on a clothed beach when my offspring and partner where around! Anyone who adds me will be able to view my naked in the snow pics!


20 years without a swimsuit.

BAre Hugs

Nudity is required in my swimming pool. Nudity is required in my back yard. Nudity is required in my house. ***** off at the front door or leave. When presented that way with no other options, (almost) everyone stays & gets naked.<br />
<br />
Although sometimes at parties I mix it up by saying "Only Males" or "Only Females".

wow you're very very confident, you should definitely add me.

Yes there is no better way to swim then naked, and you are right the feeling is so much better than when swimming with a suit especially when some friends join you it makes it so much better than by yourself I must say and coed is even better hope you have found great places to go to I know I have.

I grew up living on a lake. We never wore a bathing suit. Why would anyone want to get dressed to go in the water?

Yes yes yes, I agree andiebumgirl. The feeling when your bare butt touches the water is just AMAZING.

Thanks for the quick answer. I appreciate it since I am new to the site and trying to get a hang of it. It's good to know that we are both on the site quite a bit. <br />
It was lucky that you had a pool in the backyard, so you could experience with things like that. Were you worried about siblings or neighbors saying anything? <br />
Did you know when your parents were coming home that first time? It would have been embarassing to get caught, I would think, especially since you were so young at the time? Did they find out soon after the first time in the story you wrote about? Did they say anything when they found out? I'm sure most parents wouldn't be happy about that. I guess they couldn't say anything if they found out after you turned 18. That's lucky for you, if that was the case? That's good that people are all right with it. It might seem unusual the first time they see you do it. Cool. Do you ever go naked at the beach? I know that nude beaches are difficult to find, at least where I am in CA. Is it different where you live? <br />
Cool. Did you do anything special like that to celebrate turning 21? I'm just curious: are you naked all the time or do you have to go to school or work? <br />
Skinny dipping in front of strangers doesn't sound easy. Does it bother you at all? <br />
Sorry for all the questions!! That is how I learn best.

Hmm, ok, I have a few things to answer there. I wasn't really nervous at all because my parents weren't home. Eventually my parents knew that I was skinny dipping, yes, because I just stopped wearing my swimsuit. No, people usually are ok with the fact that I don't ahve a swimsuit, I just explain that I prefer being naked. I'm 21 now, so not that recently. And yes, I ahve been skinny dipping in front of people I have never met before.

You're lucky to be to experience doing it so young for the first time! Were you nervous doing the first time? Did your parents ever find out? They seem like they can be tricky like that sometimes, unfortunately. Do you have any problems with people when they found out that you don't have a swim suit? It seems like a nice way to celebrate the milestone of being 18! Did you turn 18 recently? It's nice that you have nice friends and that they notice or mind. It's always more fun when you get somehow to join you. <br />
Do you skinny dipping in front of strangers?

Hmm, that's true, maybe I shhould have said 20,000x better. I can just go swimming at my friends houses if I ever need to skinny dip so I don't need one, but I understand not always getting the opportunities. I'm very fortunate.

20x's better? I think it would be higher than that , the feeling of the water flowing past parts that had previously been covered in swim wear is incredible. There aren't many things as uncomfortable as a wet bathing suit and I refuse to swim wearing one anymore. Maybe worst of all is at a sandy beach, that sand gets everywhere and is impossible to get rid of it all when its inside a damp swim suit. I still do own a couple old bathing suits but will only wear them to sun in if I'm where I can't do that nude. I don't have many opportunities for skinny dipping, outside of going to the nudist resort, it would be great to be able to swim with you and your friends.

Oh I've done it and it's the only way to swim properly my lady. I have to agree wholeheartedly with you

I'm not as brave as you about the public bit (men are frowned on anyway) but I agree. And the bathing suits the expect men to wear these days are totally ridiculous. If you go swimming, your stuck for ours in a pair of longer and thicker than usual shorts that are soaking wet, uncomfortable and take hours to dry!