The Three Of Us

this happen a few years ago when i was 16  my girl friend and a friend of hers went the shore to isolated area and diceded to go swiming  execpt no had swim suits so we decide to just where under ware I had on boxers  and they both had panties and bras on my girl friend ahd on a pair on white nylon panties and a cotten bra in white her girl friend had on a pair of lt green nylon panties and a t shirt no bra after a few mintues of playing around in the water everything became transparent thier panties became see thur and then we al decided to take off every thing so that are clothes would dry so that we could wear them home , I had never been nude in front of any other girl except my girl friend before and as soon as I saw both of thier near bald ***** and firm **** I sprouted a instance hardon that would not go away my girl friend had a smooth ***** with almost no hair except for a few on top of her lips but her girl friend had  a large set  of lips that hung down when she was aroused I found out later an a large **** that was like a small **** I had a nice **** about 7" at that time and about 4" around she told my girl friend that she was right when she told her that I had a nice **** we never made it back in the water that day and that was the first time that I saw another girl tounge a girl but thats another story

beavereater beavereater
61-65, M
Feb 28, 2010