At A Public Beach While The Lifeguard Was On Duty

No one was at the dive platform, so I swam out.

I made a couple dives while mostly scoping out if anyone would be coming out. Each time I dove I stayed longer treading water before climbing back on the platform.

On the last dive, I untied my shorts, jumped in and let the water pull 'em off--then I held onto them while treading water watching the beach and the life guard in front of me.

After awhile I swam to the back of the platform and secured my shorts there and just swam around.

It was short lived, though. About five minutes after putting my shorts away I noticed some girls and the lifeguard were almost half way to the platform.

It was all I could do to grab my trunks and back stroke out of the swim area before they got close enough to see me.

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Mar 6, 2010