Swimming In The Lake Naked

I live by a lake, and we have our own private dock and area on the lake. Ever so often I swim with my friends and family (with our suits on), and I loved swimming in the river. I never really swam naked before last year, becuase I was a late bloomer and I was really nervous on people seeing me, and my not-so-great areas. As time passed I finally felt right and I was left alone enough to actually try skinny dipping.

The first time I wandered in the lake with my trunks on and removed them from under the water and moved a little before putting them back on. This to me wasn't real skinny dipping since I was really just walking underwater with no pants and not really swimming. So one day when no one was home and I made sure the neighbors weren't home I grabbed a towel, ******** completely naked in my house, and ran across my backyard into the  lake and swam. I did this for few hours and enjoyed every second of it. I loved how the cool water felt against my body and I felt so free by not being constrained by a bathing suit.

I was enjoying myself so much I did not notice my sister came home with her friend from her part time job and saw me swimming. I got out to greet her and forgot I was completely naked and exposed myself to my sister and her friend. I was shocked and embarressed, but after I explained myself my sister told me she swam naked before and was glad that I finally did it. I was kinda relived, but also little off putting when she and her friend decided to join. After getting passed the sight of my 20 year old sister and her friend completely naked it was actually quite fun and we did it numerous times that summer.

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3 Responses Mar 20, 2010

I think CB is correct insofar as going nude does not imply sex, especially ******. It does a disservice to we who nude to imply that going nude probably does, or should, lead to sex.

There doesn't have to be sex. It is, I think, still fun to get naked in mixed company.

None with my sister or her friend. I mean I love seeing them naked and spending time with them, but she is my sister and thats is a little weird. Thinking about it I would not mind have some contact with the friend though, but we were never alone to try.