Slapped A Weird Business Woman

Sometime ago I met this woman, she was some 34, her name is Laura Charington, she was wearing a business suit and she is very attractive with a nice body. She saw me at a club and she bought me a drink and we started chat. Next day she took me for shopping and she bought me some clothes and underwears. Then we went to a motel and I started to ***** but she told me not to do that, she made me sit on the bed and she started stripping, she took of all her clothes and she got butt *** naked, she was very sexy and wet at that time. she kneel down to me and then she asked me to slap her face, which was really weird for me. I thought of her to **** me but this was really something different. She told me she likes to be slapped on her face by younger females, it is a turn on for her. So with a little hesitation I started slapping her face and I slapped some 40 or 50 times, both her cheeks red like tomato and she was dripping wet in her *****, her nipples was rubber hard, she was shivering with excitement. She didn't allowed me to took of my clothes and made me wear really huge ******* and I ****** her in ***.  
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wow what a twist ! !

Wish to be that female one

i see you are a business woman, I would like to do the same to you...