Is There A Cure, Remedy, Or Some Kinda Drug Out To ''prevent'' Sleepwalking ??

Hi, i am very new to this Website; and stumbled across it while doing some research. Which, am glad i did. Anyways, iv been expiercing ''sleepwalking'' in the last 4 or 5 wks. doing very odd and way out of character things and enactments. The thing is, I keep my husband up, not intentionaly ofcourse. And, he's very worried that im going to hurt myself. Example of one night, he walked in our bathroom, in search for me, and found me hunched over bathroom counter, holding my hand to my ear, and was having very clear conversation with someone. With whom, I haven't a clue. I have more stories, ranging from poking belly buttons, and putting on clownlike makeup, and demanding to take pictures. Crazy huh? I know !! Any input will be much appreciated, and/or share some of your ''episodes''. All is welcome :-) And NO, i will not think you're crazy. . .
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wow, i thought i was the only one, realize this is an older post, but, i am also doing strang ethings in my sleep. I am really scared, as i'm getting hurt badly and i am a single mom and that frightens me beyond words..i just hit my head and neck on the extremely hard kitchen tile flooring during a sleepwalking episode. i would love to know if you ever found any remedy. i think it's horrible. thanks

Safeguard the environment of your sleepwalker.

I am very pleased to say thank God that was all you where doing in the bathroom and your hubby got you safely back into bed. how i sympathsie with you on that episode is because i too filled the bath with cold water,got into the water and began to wash my hair with toilet tissue and wash my body with a thick bathroom cleanser. thanks for sharing tc hun Godbless

I used to do it as a kid and when my family would tell me all i had done, i didnt believe them.