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Stinkface Drama

Here's my stinkface story. I am one of those who has a had a lot of those which I will be sharing later. Here is one of them...

Once when we were in school we decided to have an "act" competition. The one with the most hillarious act shall be the winner. We were divided into several groups. We made a group of 4 people with 2 boys and 2 girls. I'll narrate the act exactly how it happened......

Its an inter-gender tag team match like in WWE. At first the two men pretended to fight funnily. then the other guy tags the girl which makes it a girl vs boy match. She appear to be so strong that her one fist coud make me go round and round. Then she takes off her socks and put into my mouth (like Mankind did if anyone remembers).. I Then she kicks right on my face and I fall on the pole sitting.. pretending to be unconscious. Then the girl gives me the huge funny STINKFACE for a long time.. then my partner comes to interfere and beats the girl out. Then my own partner laughs at me soooo hard that I get embarrassed and shout at her madly.. Annoyed by my shouting she gives me the stinkface too for about 40-50 seconds...Then after two stinkfaces in a row I get so unconscious that the guy comes me humiliates me by funny fights making fun of me and ultimately gives me the finishing move.. the guy and the girl sit on top of me and pin me down on the count of three by the reff and we lose the game.. Annoyed by the loss my own partner punches in my face, kicks me and the guy gets both the girls.........Then they all sit on top of me hugging and fooling around...

I made a complete fool about myself.. and thats why took the most of the winning money :)
Barrier Barrier 18-21 1 Response May 11, 2011

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not "fool" u made LOSER out of yourself.. three people sitting on top of you is hillarious..couldn't feel more pathetic for anyone.. LOL