I Hate The Stinkface

well, i hate the stinkface because of the story im going to tell u.

i was spending the night at my friends house(mike) because we were going to see the avengers in the morning. we were watching wwe raw, when a divas match came on. Kelly Kelly( a diva in the wwe) gave a ather diva a stinkface. mike said that he would  to get a stinkface to someone. then i said i dont and he said aright. we finish watching raw and i fall asleep. about an hour later mike woke me up and a said ur favorite show(family guy) was on. i got up and i started to watch. we were watching and we saw stewie vs lois. i said stewie will win and mike said lois. so we made a bet that who ever loses to do any thing the win says for an hour. i lose because peter kills stewie so lois and mike won. he said to go to the corner and sit with my mouth open. i did so and he said to close my eyes. then he said do you remeber the divas match and i said no. then he said yes. he told me not to say any thing else untill the hour over. i didnt say any thing because i am a man of my honor.then he started to move around the room to me and he said open your eyes so i did. he was wearing a thong( i am not gay but his a** is huge) and he inhale my face in his a**. he went on for about 30 mins and said i feeling hot in this thong. he took off the thomg and stinkface me for the rest of the hour. i never talk to him again and i am sick 

                                                                                                                                    this story was not writin by the owner im his cousin
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I love getting the stink face.

I would have been shocked at first but if its a big *** I don't mind lol id go wit it. is there anyone interested In stinkfacing me? I don't care who just have a big *** ;)


I wouldn't have complained and I would have actually enjoyed it lol

why would you let him stinkface you for an hour if you werent going to talk to him again?

lol i gave one before

i did too

Hey immaboss99 do u want to stink face me I wouldn't mind one

Hey add me

Hey u wanna Stinkface me? ;)

do you give them anymore?

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