My Roommate Dug Out My Tampon (and Got A B*ner)

Last night I stayed up late, falling asleep while I was watching a movie. I didn't think much about it in the morning, went to the bathroom, and I remembered I had it in there. It hadn't been long enough to get an infection, but it needed to come out. I reached in, felt around, but I couldn't find the string. I couldn't even find the tampon. It was lost. It hadn't fallen out of me during the night (no evidence in my underwear), but I couldn't find it. I totally freaked out, and tried everything I could to get it out.

After an hour, I went to my roommate, who's a doctor, and told him I couldn't get my tampon out. I started crying. I was so mortified. He tried to comfort me as much as possible, and told me to go to his room and wait for him while he went to the bathroom and washed his hands. I went upstairs and put a towel down on his bed. I took my jeans and underwear off, and lay down on the bed with a towel over my lap, trying to maintain a modicum of modesty. He walked in with a bottle of lubricant, and sat on a chair right in front of my pelvis. He covered his fingers in lube, and told me to tell him if I felt uncomfortable. I told him I already felt uncomfortable and we both nervously chuckled.

He slid his fingers inside me and started to feel around. He warned me when he had to turn his fingers over or push deeper, asked me if I was okay, told me to relax, but I just tried to blank it out, focus on the ceiling, and try to not cry. Embarrassed, to say the least. He prodded at my cervix, then slid into the little area behind it, where he found it. He moved around a little more, then pulled it out. Luckily it wasn't very bloody, which at least saved that bit of embarrassment. He wrapped it in a tissue and when he got up to throw it away, I noticed his trousers had tented and he had an enormous *****. He tried to cover it, pulled at the fabric around it and tried to keep it concealed. He told me I could take my time before he left, still trying to hide his erection.

I wiped off the lube, and got fully dressed again, still feeling mortified. When I went downstairs again he had made me some tea and mochi, one of the nicest things anyone has done for me. I think he noticed how embarrassed I was and wanted to make me feel better. I tried to avoid looking at his crotch. Surely the ***** must have been gone by then, but I couldn't think about anything else. I mark this one as pretty much the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me, and that's quite a feat.
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Don't be embarrassed. Allow him to do it again some time and this time let him know that you are enjoying him moving around inside you with his fingers ... ;) Even nicer when yo are wetter from your period