My First Adult Spanking

Growing up I was spanked by both parents, but mostly mom, she spanked me until 14 and dad gaves me some more spankings (beltings) until 16. At 18 I started missing my parental discipline and spanking benefits, but lucky me at 21 I married my actual wife. She was a family's friend, so we knew ourselves from children, she witnessed a lot of my spankings and I witnessed some of her, specially embarrassing was when I got my last one In front of she, bare bottom and over mom's knee as usual, but being 14. We loose our contact at 16, but at 16 we meet again and started a good friendship that ended in marriage. We had two sons (one girl, one boy) we educate lovely but severely, following with success similar methods than our parents with us, including spankings, of course. First 4-5 years passed without nothing special, but I missed a lot a good bare bottom spanking, specially after seeing my sons receiving one good slippering over my wife's knees. I thinked always to confess my hidden desires to my wife, but I was too much confused and embarrassed, finally she touch the button. One day, after warmimg our older son's bottom magistraly with her slipper in my presence, we had a little discussion, In one moment of anger she sayed me that I often acted like a little boy. "That's my occassion" I thought. "Well-i said- maybe a good spanking would fix that". She thinked a couple of seconds, but finally says "that's a very good idea, drop your pants and underwear and come here, over my knees". I obeyed inmediately and soon I saw how he took off his slipper and gaves a real hard, long spanking, my first adult one. I leaved her knees like a tearful 9 years old, with a red and sore bottom, promising my wife to be better in the future. The day after I did not mean anything, but she said she would punish me so every time I deserve, and to date she has maintained her promise, changing to a large solid hairbrush and sometimes a thick leather belt, without leaving at all a good slippering for minor offenses, and I have at least one good weekly spanking, deserved or only for maintenance.
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been spank as adult by wife for many years

yes she does put me across he rknees and spanks me good legs kicking and all

i hope you no strike many your children

good for you i am glad you found someone to give you what you need, and how lucky you were to find the right women by chance, but not really you were childhood friends, do you think you two had a spanking connection as kids? Do you two enjoy each other sexually after your discipline? or maybe its bedtime sex withheld? just curious.

I think we have not a spanking connection as kids, but we enjoy watching the other's well reddened bottom, what a pity I was more often spanked than she, and when she was not always was In front of me. Actually we have a good and sane sexual life, but usually spankings are separated of sex, they are mainly for discipline and punishment.

yah you two had a connection as kids. It"s why your into it. For sure why she likes it. u should be ******* her hard after every event.

even adults need spanking also my wife spanks me now then when bad an my wife did most of the spankings of our chldren also they married an spank there kids to now<br />
i remember once my daughter late teens was on date an my wife spank for something i did in the livign room i was pants panties at ankles ove rher kees getting spank an my daughter walk in early from her date so embrassing for her to see me getting spank

They are disciplinary spankings, I missed my parental ones and finally I found again, they help me on my adult behaviour too. I don't spank my wife, but we both have spanked our children when needed, specially my wife, who is stricter than me. Now both (the girl and the boy) are adult and responsible well educated persons and don't know about my spankings.

Wow! That sounds incredible. As I read it I wondered what it would be like at this age to receive a good hard hairbrush spanking again. It this part of foreplay for you two or just a satisfied need for both of you. Do you spank your wife too? How old are your kids and do they know you still get spanked?