My Mum

Mum spanks me alot and I've been regressed to a 1 year baby girl since I was 14. I'm now 40.
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Never to old for a over the knees bare bottom spanking

Spanking is part of life I am never too old for bare bottom spanking

Even though I do not live at home I visit my mother every few months. And sometimes when im home she reminds my of the rules by spanning me bare bottomed. Now after a well deserved and well received spanking from her, I do attempt to straighten up and do as she asks when I'm there visiting. I do understand the reasoning behind a firm strict spanking from her.

my dad still canes me for weting the bed

Do you like it? I think I would like to be spanked often and regressed to a 1 year old. How long are you going to keep this going with the spankings and being treated like a baby? Your Mum is getting up in years, she is going to need to find you a wife to carry this on don't you think?


Sounds like your set then. Lucky you.


can i be your babysitters baby too? I need one.
I've been looking on and fetlife and here and can't find one. I've pretty much lost hope in finding a wife/mommy