In France A Secondary School Is Called A 'college D'enseignement'

There are many assignments, and assignations, in life, and as philosophical as I am, and can be about things, still they happen and I have to try and put them in some little envelope and file them away, like a letter from a letter rack.

For a time I went to a particular school in Perpignan where there was a stricter regime than most. I am Jewish, and there are specific schools which seek to maintain sight of that difference, and our shared history, and to embrace the modern world and its requirements for each citizen. Anyhow, I am a rebel, so there were several incidences where I met the ire of my fellow students, especially the boys. They were never so demonstrative as to confront me with any violent behaviour.

Since arriving at Maintenon I have tried to blend in with the other students, but they are challenged it seems by several things. There was a day, maybe six or seven weeks after Pesach last year, when I walked into a tutorial room and there were just five guys there, no one else. I knew them all, Paul, Pierre, Jean-Baptiste, Etienne and Alex. They looked up at me, and as I closed on them they seemed to fan out before me, as if they were going to surround me. It seemed freakish, but I wasn't thinking about the situation, instead, I was surprised when Pierre took hold of my arm, my left arm.

The others enveloped me, and their hands were all over me, before as suddenly Pierre pulled me down as he sat down (still surprising me) so I fell across his lap, and he then began spanking me! Spanking my seat, my buttocks.
Anuledroan Anuledroan
18-21, F
Jan 4, 2013