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Debbie was my best friend at school. We'd known each other since primary school and were almost inseparable. We were always up to something together, usually something that could earn us sore backsides - and often did. At school, the pair of us spent a lot of time bent over a desk or touching our toes for a slippering. Debbie spent a lot of time getting the cane too but, somehow, more by luck than judgement, I managed to only get the cane three times at school. It was a different matter at home.

Our parents were very good friends too. Mine accepted her as one of the family and her parents accepted me as one of theirs. There was a clear understanding that, when at their home, I was subject to their rules and punishments if I broke them. The same applied to Debbie when she was at ours. If we misbehaved at mine, my parents would slipper us. If we misbehaved at Debbie's, her parents would most likely give us the cane.

I have a younger brother, Debbie has an older brother, a younger brother, and a younger sister who's about the same age as my brother. Both Debbie and I have been caned a slippered in from of our own and each other's siblings by both our mothers and fathers. My brother's eyes always lit up when she was up for a slippering with me at mine and her brothers' eyes did when I was up for it at her. Debbie and I were the same when one of the boys was up for it. Usually, if Debbie and I were together, we were in trouble together and found ourselves, side by side, over the back of a sofa having a slipper or cane applied to our bare backsides. Occasionally, my brother or one of her siblings would be in trouble too so there could be three of us over the sofa. Iy wasn't unknown for all of us to be in trouble at the same time. Sometimes independently and sometimes for some joint enterprise so all six of us could be lining up for the cane.

When that happened, instead of the sofa, we got it bent over a stool. The stool was about waist height with a rung between the legs near the floor. In turn, we had to bare our backsides, lie over the stool and grab the rung. We then got however many strokes we were due - sometimes just two. The most I remember getting was eight but usually the most was six. When we'd been caned, we were allowed to pull our knickers/pants (and trousers/jeans) back up. Then the next in line went over the stool to be caned.

Usually, our mothers did the canings or slipperings but sometimes our fathers did. My father usually let us keep our knickers on for it but at Debbie's, or if my mother was doing it, it was always knickers down.

My parents last slippered me when I was 19 but Debbie's parents continued until she left home - their house, their rules. That was fair enough so, if I was there and in trouble, I got it too.
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So are you going to tell us about the last time you got in trouble with Debbie's parents?

Debbie has already posted the story here -

Thanks. I just read Debbie's story, it sounds as though you and Debbie got into lot's of trouble, you naughty girls!

Debbie got into more trouble than I did. She was forever getting the slipper or being sent to the head. for the cane.

19 years spanked ?

Interesting - did one set of parents spank harder than the other ?

Debbie's mum used a cane and mine used a slipper but they were both about the same. The cane was more intense but I think she used a bit less force so it stung about as much as the slipper.

you two have got very interesting

We had a lot of fun, despite all the spankings we got. ;)

pretty understandable from your stories :)

really love to know more, please reply to my message, the EP private

Another great story. Which mom spanked the hardest?

Difficult to say really, especially as my mother used a slipper and Debbie's usually gave us the cane. Overall, I think it was Debbie's.

I'll go along with that, your mum could really make it sting.

It could have been written about me and my best friend Sue, except my dad wasn't likely to spank anyone he left that to mum, but Sue's mum and dad certainly did and that was always bare bottom too.

Did Sue have brothers (or sisters) who saw you getting it? Did your brother see her getting it? Did either of you see each other's siblings getting it?

You were spanked with Ruth?

You are Debbie the cigarette smoker who caned in the gym?

There was always at least one in a class and you were it? The exhibitionist sounds interesting.

Cane marks were for all to see, but were applied in private and solo. I suppose with our skirts pulled up we were all guilty of giving the occassional flash if we bent over but you give the impression of being what the boys would call a ***** teaser.

As I recall, even though I went first and you saw me getting it on my knickers, when you went to go over the chair, you started to take yours down. Dad stopped you and said "It's OK, you can keep your knickers on", or something like that.

I bet there were a lot of boys in your class thinking their underpants felt a bit too tight when you were out front for the slipper ;-)

Oh you wicked girl ;-)

It msut have been fun to be in your class at school, wish I'd been there.

Certainly could have, would have done my very best to make sure I did, while looking forward to comparing marks afterwards!

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