Caned With My Friend's Brother

I was at my best friend's one summer day, relaxing in the garden with her younger brother, Paul. I can't remember where my friend, Debbie, was at the time, she was around the house somewhere.

I was wearing jeans and a fairly tight T-shirt and I noticed Paul keep taking sly glances at my breasts.

"Admiring the view?" I asked. He went a bit red and, as there was only the two of us, I pulled my T-shirt up, popped my breasts out and said, "Here, take a better look." His eyes nearly popped out of his head. "You can have a feel if you want", I said. He didn't need a second invitation, his hand were all over them, exploring every inch. I didn't exactly fancy him, he was my best friend's kid brother and more like a brother to me too. He didn't have a girlfriend at the time so I saw it as just doing him a favour.

We were so engrossed, that we didn't notice his mother come out. The first either of us knew of her presence was when she asked "What do you two think you're doing!" Mothers do ask such silly questions sometimes. I thought it was quite obvious what we were doing so she must have had the idea that we thought we were doing something else.

"Get inside now, and get 'the stool' out" she said. We both knew what that meant. 'The stool' was a waist height stool that we had to bend over to be caned. I straightened my top out and went inside with Paul, as his mother followed.

Indoors, we went through to the back room, where the stool was kept, giving each other that look that says "oops, we're in for it now". Paul pulled the stool out and put it near the middle of the room while his mother went to the cupboard to fetch the cane.

She turned to us, cane in hand, and said "You're each getting three strokes" then, pointing to Paul, said "You first." I was a bit relieved at knowing we were only going to get three, I was expecting six - of the best. Three was more like a very strong warning, her way of saying "you know what you were doing was wrong" but she wasn't taking it too seriously. Debbie's parents weren't prudes (nor were mine for that matter) but there were limits and we'd crossed the boundary.

Paul stepped up to the stool, undid his jeans and pushed them and his underpants down. I was behind to one side of him. I tried to sidle around a bit to get a look but I couldn't see much without making it obvious what I was doing. He bent over the stool and grabbed the rung at the bottom. I watched as his mother laid three stinging, red cane stripes across his backside. He yelped a little at each one. He got up, rubbed his backside for a while then pulled his pants and jeans back up.

Now it was my turn. I stepped forward to the stool, undid my jeans and pushed them and my knickers down to my knees. Paul was in front to one side of me. My T-shirt was quite short so he was able to cop a good eyeful of my bush as my knickers came down. I hesitated a bit to let him have a good look then bent over the stool and grabbed the rung. I felt the cane lightly touch me then swish down across my backside. I yelped much as Paul had as it struck. Two more strokes followed and it was over. I got up, giving Paul another eyeful of my bush as I rubbed my stinging backside. I then pulled my knickers and jeans back up as his mother put the cane back it the cupboard.

It stung for about 15 - 20 minutes but, later, Paul and I agreed, it was worth it.

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You shameless hussy, Ruth! Did Debbie's father ever cane you on the bare?

Yes, a few times. My father also caned Debbie and me but he let us keep our knickers on for it.

As your own father appears to have spared yours and Debbie's blushes, did it add to the punishment to have hers getting an eyeful of your pubescent bushes?

Not really. I was fairly used to taking my knickers down to be caned or slippered so I didn't really think about it the few times her father caned us.


Is it worse being bent over a sofa back and caned or just bending over and getting caned. Are you able to be more concealed when over the sofa?

Whats the most kids ever in a lineup for a bare bottom spanking or caning and what was the breakdown between guys and girls then in that lineup and what ages were you all? Were they all cousins or some freinds there too?

It's a bit easier bending over something than just being free-standing. I'm able to be more concealed bending over something but only while I'm actually being whacked so, overall, it doesn't make much difference.

I think the most in a line-up up for a bare bottom caning was 5 - Debbie's siblings, her and me. Age range was about 14 - 16

I guess the only difference that could be is that at the time you get whacked you have something to hold on when you are bent over something like table or sofa. And when you are just bent over you don't have that much of a leverage.

I agree Tommy. Bent over holding knees you have a tendencie to fall forward and not keep your position. Which way were you spanked and until what age did you get them bare bottom?

James# I was used to get punished mostly standing straight with my hands on the head facing the wall.

You are right Ruth. Before you get your spanking and bend over does everyone have to drop everything at the same time or can they wait in line clothed until theuy are called up next? What order are you lined up and when five of you were lined up for a spanking at one time who went first and who went last? What was the mix of boys and girls and did everyone cry or holler? Did everyone jump around afterwards and grab their bottoms? What had everyone done to get that spanking?

When we were spanked one after another we only had to bare our arses immediately before getting into position. I can't remember what order we got it in, only that I was neither first nor last. There were three girls (Debbie, her older sister and I) and Debbie's two brothers.

So you saw both her brothers spanked bare bottom? I bet they hated that having to drop the pants in front of you girls but sounds like you all only had to drop them in the rear so nothing in front was showing so that's kewl of her Mom to preserve some modesty for you and the boys. Have you seen them get spanked before with everything dropped to the floor and everything showing, have you seen any other boys besides her brothers spanked bare bottom. Have any other boys seen you spanked bare bottom besides these two.

I've seen Debbie's brothers and my brother spanked bare. They've all seen Debbie and me get it too and we've both been spanked bare with other boys.

With other boys, like non relatives or other relatives like cousins? What boys were they and why did you get spanked bare with other boys? How many different boys outside of your two brothers did you 2 see spanked before and what ages were the boys and you?

I was spanked several times with male cousins at various ages but I can't remember all the details now.

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Hi Ruth, there is a post at Debbie's profile on the experience of you two caned at age of 24 by her mother on a barbecue day. If you like you can reply me with private message too. <br />
<br />
As you two were wearing the short light sundresses and have had already given the glimpses of your knickers to all the people there at barbecue. If Debbie's mother would had you and Debbie caned outdoor that day in the presence of the family for behaving like such a giggling bratty school girls at the age of 24 as you two were. <br />
<br />
Would it still be considered deserving or would you called it harsh?

Everyone there had seen both of us caned before when younger so it wouldn't have been anything new. I can't speak for Debbie but I don't think I would have thought it harsh - it was probably exactly what we really deserved..

When you say it would been deserving, I am assuming that you know the fact that the caning would have had with your Knickers down at age 24.

When was the last time you were punished like it in front of someone?

I had presumed we were going to have to take our knickers down to be caned.

That was the last time Debbie's mother caned me but I've had other spankings (with various instruments) in front of others since.

So, You mean to say that you still got punished. Is it the bare bottom punishment? When were you recently punished? Was it bare bottom infront of the audiences?

Hi Tommy,

I still get spanked, almost always bare bottom and sometimes in front of (spanko) friends. My husband and I also engage in role play with those friends. The last time was a few weeks ago.

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have you told Debbie about it? did she knew you both got caned for you letting her younger brother feel up your bare breasts..... How did she reacted?

I told Debbie as soon as I saw her, she just laughed.

Not surprised his mother caned you both. Your lucky it was only 3 strokes and you can't say the embarrassment was any punishment as you seemed to make sure Paul saw more !

We were both over the age of consent so his mother didn't take it too seriously. She wasn't some dried up old fuddy-duddy. She was just making the point that our behaviour was inappropriate in the circumstances. I think she was right.

Ruth, what is your present day view about caning (spanking)?

How old was Paul at ther time of that spanking and did you see his privates as he saw your bush? Did he turn around at all when he stood up and was rubbing? Was that your last spanking from his mom?

Paul was 16 and I 17. I didn't get as good a look at him as he did of me. That wasn't the last time him mother caned us but I think it was the last time it was only the two of us.

Ok, I see, since you two have been caned and spanked several times before, you had seen all of him at some time or another during spankings but did you still try to look every time you saw Paul spanked?

We usually had more important things on our minds at the time than trying to get a good look at each other. We often compared marks afterwards though.

and who usually got spanked harder and had the most marks. Did yall just go into a bedroom and drop your pants and underwear and panties down to knees and show off the red marks?

There was no significant difference. We couldn't always compare marks immediately (without risking another caning) but we usually did so at the first, safe, opportunity.

Ruthg, what age did you have your last line-up caning or spanking whenthere were at least three of you being caned. When there were three or 4 of yall did one volunteer and step up and drop the pants and underwear and then went the second kid and the third? Was there any thoughts of omg, im next or looking closley at the butt? I am sure seeing Paul and other spanked that the fact you were able to see their front sides too didnt play into it much after a while. After seeing it a few times the next few dont matter as much so getting it with a male begins to not matter just the pain in the butt that was going to occur.

I think I was about 16 or 17 the last time I was in a line up with at least two others. We were just called forward one at a time usually although I have been bent over the back of a sofa a few times together with two others.

Is it worse being bent over a sofa back and caned or just bending over and getting caned. Are you able to be more concealed when over the sofa?

Whats the most kids ever in a lineup for a bare bottom spanking or caning and what was the breakdown between guys and girls then in that lineup and what ages were you all? Were they all cousins or some freinds there too?

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Great story - but was it normal to let your friends mother give you the cane?

Yes, she caned me several times, usually together with her daughter Debbie (my friend). In our circles, it was standard practice and quite acceptable for a group of misbehaving children to be punished by whichever of their parents got there first. My parents frequently slippered both Debbie and me too.

Yes, I know this concept, b/c it's the same in my country.

But only that one time did you get spanked with Paul?

No, I was caned with him and his siblings several times.

from what ages were you caned with Paul and his siblings?

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yes and you only got three - did you do it again then?

Yes, we went a bit further too but we didn't get caught.

did you not want to get caught then?

Not particularly. I didn't mind getting the cane for misbehaving but I tried to avoid it.

didn't mind? why? not a very effective punishment then!

It was very effective because I tried to avoid getting it by taking steps to avoid being caught misbehaving, including actually behaving myself. When, however, my endeavours in that respect failed, I "didn't mind" getting the cane in the sense of not objecting to it as a reasonable punishment for whatever misbehaviour I had been caught engaging in. It wasn't as if I were caned every time I put a foot out of line, I got away with a lot more than I was ever punished for.

lucky you!

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Do you and Ruth still get punished?

Sounds like it was a quick minor caning but a memorable one. It was probably worth it and probably would have been better with 6 strokes at that age.

It was a "quick minor caning" for what was really just a bit of silliness. Legally we were above the age of consent so it wasn't a serious matter, it was just inappropriate at the time and place. I think the punishment was about right. In what way would 6 strokes have been better? Do you think we deserved a more severe punishment?

I do. Obviously you do not but I wasn't inviting a debate on it, merely expressing my opinion.

That was funny when your friend's mom asked "what are you doing?" My mom would have asked the same question - knowing full well what was going on. When I was a kid I always wanted to play spanking with the girl next door - we were both spanked by our moms now and and then and a few times after I heard her crying from a spanking I later asked her if I could see her hiney but she never let me.<br />
<br />
Then one day we decided to play doctor and we took all our clothes off. Neither of us had been spanked recently so there were no red heinies but I did enjoy using my mom's rectal thermometer on Emily. She was lying face down on the bed and I was up on all fours pushing the thermometer in and out of her and just having a great time.<br />
<br />
Suddenly my mom opened the door and was shocked to see us. "What's going on here?" she yelled. I just looked up and said "nothing". "What do you mean nothing - what are you doing with your clothes off?" I told her we were just playing doctor. Well..... she did NOT like what was going on. She told Emily to get dressed right away and to go home. She told me to stand right where I was and not to move - she said she would be right back.<br />
<br />
A few seconds later she came in with the hairbrush. Right in front of Emily, who was still getting dressed, she put me across her lap and started paddling my bare hiney with that hairbrush while I howled and pleaded for her to stop. When she finally stopped, Emily was nowhere in sight so I don't know how long she watched my mom spanking me. A few minutes later I could hear Emily crying - her mom was giving her a whipping with the belt.<br />
<br />
Unfortunately, my quest to see Emily's hiney after a spanking never materialized. In fact I never saw her bare hiney again. Instead, she saw my hiney when it was red, and further to my embarrassment she saw the whole process unfold before her eyes.

If I would behave myself in such a way in front of a boy and present my bare boobs, I would be caned naked in front of him for my shameless behavior.<br />
If you get humiliated, you learn to feel the shame again.<br />
<br />
I know what I am talking about. I was caned stark naked in front of younger boys and they saw me whimper and sobbing and of course they gazed not only at my bare **** but also at my bush and my crotch.<br />
<br />
It´s degrading but you deserved to be treated that way.

I am totally agreed with you Lisa!

who were the boys?

Very often my little brother, but also a neighbor boy and my cousins​​ and others have already seen as my panties were pulled down, before I got spanked.

My younger brother and my friend's brothers and sister often saw my friend and me bent over, with our skirts up and knickers down, getting the cane or slipper. We saw them getting it quite often too. It was just the way our families did it. It wasn't embarrassing because we were all treated the same way.

That's the big difference. I was watched as I was spanked on my bare, but I never saw these boys, as they were beaten.

Ruth what ages were your brothers and your freind brothers when you were seeing them spanked, the age range. Who acted and yelled the most of everyone while getting spanked? Did parents care about baring boys and girls in front of each other back then?

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Thanks, sorry I duplicated the Q..

Sore, but sure it was worth it!

I was nearly 18 and Paul was 16.

I myself was caned infront of people younger than me, a lot of times.<br />
Even many couples of time me and my sister were caned infront of our younger brothers and cousins at all the ages, also received lectures with our panties down and our brothers watching our bush.<br />
Survived corner times in nude, <br />
but still got no regrets about it, though we also felted great deal of humiliation at that time.

I know how that feels.

Dayzeedayzee did the boys get spanked in front of yall too, it would only be fair and hopefully they got it as hard as yall did with no favortism.

Debbie: When was the last time several of you got spanked for joint misbehavior and what ages were you and were there boys and girls there too and what was the misbehavior?

I can think of worse things for getting the cane for. Shame you couldn't get as good a look as Paul did.<br />
What did Debbie say?

We'd seen each other before. It wasn't the first time he'd seen me get the cane nor the first time I'd seen him get it. Debbie just laughed when we told her - out of her mum's earshot of course.