All Four Of Us Got It

I ran into a friend that I have not seen in about 20 years while at the mall yesterday. We talked about the good old days when we were just kids. Talking about the good days we had together and the days we got caught doing something we were not to do and ended uo getting a spanking.

One time when my parents were out of town for the weekend and my sister and I were spending the night at his house. John (my friend) and I along with our younger sisters were riding our bikes arounf the neighborhood. We decided to ride over to the park and play arounf there for a while. After being gone for about three hours we ended back to John's house.

Not knowing that his mother was frantically looking for us. When we walked into the house she started scolding us about not getting permission to go to the park. We all said we were sorry but sorry was not good enough. John and I were sent to his room and his sister and my sister were sent to he room. I remember John asking me when was the last time I got a spanking because he knew we were both going to get paddled.

John's mom came in to his room with a ping pong paddle. We were both told to lower our pants and underwear and lat across the bed. We did as we were told, knowing that pleading was not going to do any good. We both got 15 swats and by the third swat we were both bawling. We were then told to get up and pull are pants up. John and I jumped up still crying and did the spank dance trying to rub the pain out of out bottoms. We were then led to the kitchen were we we put in the corner and told not to move.

John's sister and my sister got the same treatment and we were all four standing in the kitchen corners still crying. After we has all stopped crying and standing in the corner for a good hour we were told to go out and play. needless to say our bottoms were still sore and we never left the yard the rest of the day.

When my parents got home, they were told what we did and that we were all paddled. That was not good enough for my sister and I. We both received another bare bottom spanking from mom. We were also grounded for a week. Needless to say we never went any where again with out getting permission.
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Spanking + being grounded...hated that combination!

Do you remover you and Johns and sisters ages at the time and also was corner time with pants up?

Good story.. You like spankings now or not

How old werre you four at the time? Were you embarrassed your freinds mom saw you bare bottom front and back? Did you and your sister get spanked bare bottom in front of each other from your mom?

Cute story. Fortunately I was spared corner time as a child but I was not spared the sting of a switch or strap when I had misbehaved.

It was the same in my circle. I was caned or slippered with friends, of both sexes, several times when I was a child.

Yikes! Double dose! Great story thanks for sharing