Broccoli Got Me Switched.

I must have been about 12 when I got one of my worst switchings. I had been acting up all day, full of baditude.  By dinner time, mom had endured enough, but I wasn't done.  I complained loudly about not wanting to eat dinner, especially the big pile of broccoli.  Mom was obviously frustrated and tried to get me to calm down and eat.   My best friend Jenny was staying with us and mom said if Jenny could eat it then so could I as I was older. Nope. I wasn’t buying it.  “I’m not eating the f-ing broccoli!”
Oops!  That did it. Mom jumped up and went outside as I watched through the sunroom glass door.  My big brother watched and grinned as he whispered “you are so gonna get it!”  He was right :(.Mom got back and went right to work baring my bottom and putting me  over the sofa. I forgot how many strokes I got, probably about ten but it was enough to make me cry and fall instantly in love with broccoli.  I got dressed, dried my tears and went back to eat.  The funny thing is now I love broccoli.  Maybe that switching worked better than mom expected.
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no amount would make me fall in love with Brussell sprouts

i was switch for not eating dinner few times most of te switching mom gave me was for my dirty mouth and soap in it

It was always a battle to get me to eat vegetables and have onion or tomato soup all the time. I had to eat it with tears in my eyes and lots of bread so that I couldn't taste the veggies or soup, instill don't eat vegetables or drink soup :s so I guess it didn't really work out the way they'd thought.... Hahaha

Love it ❤!!!!!

I bet Jenny loved watching what did she say or do after? I never used a switch from a tree but a little cane thing I got at a fair and is in my profile pics do my girls cry loud when its used on them

I remember her blushing and probably wanting to disappear. She was no lover of broccoli then, either, but she was smart enough to suffer in silence and eat it without complaining. Jenny got her share of spankings--some from my mom--but she stayed out of trouble that night.

it is god you got switch made you eat your veggies
does not seem that mom switch you to bad since you sat down after i got switch i could not sit for rest of da yi was so sore

I was never a fussy eater, but the main instrument of my spankings was the belt. I only got the switch once.

i got belt an swith depends on what they wanted to sue

God u got it bad

That was one of many blistered bottoms I earned. Most times I was alone, but occasionally my best girl friend was my partner in crime and joined me on the crying end of a spanking.

Was it the adjective used before the broccoli that was the problem? Or was it refusing to eat it. My vocabulary didn't gt colorful till hs, and never in front of my mom until the other day. The F word is the one she can't tolerate.

I think it was my timely use of the F bomb. It exploded and then mom did. I wouldn't have been punished if I'd just gone on a hunger strike, but that wasn't enough for me. I had to turbo pout, too.

OK. Your mom sounds a tad intense.

Actually, she's far from intense. She just didn't like me being disrespectful. I had that one coming. I practically dared her to make me eat my words, if not my broccoli.

Fair, you're right. You were out of line. Although, if we go by semantics... She can't "make" you eat it, unless she physically moves your arm/hand, to move fork, to stab broccoli, and then insert fork in your mouth.

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It was not f*g broccoli, but f*g water melon. It was not the switch, but the belt. As for the rest, the history repeats itself.

Switching is not unknown to me, but I mostly received the cane!

My mother never served one vegetable in a big pile but she used to make "vegetable sandwiches" which she'd bake in the oven with cheese and whatever vegetables were around. I really hated onions and spinach but even when we didn't have those ingredients I was pretty down on the sandwiches because we had them so frequently. So I guess I was about 10 when I just had a pouting session one day and refused to eat it. I knew I'd get spanked but I wanted to register my protest anyway. Mom paddled me over the couch and then told me to put the sandwich in the refrigerator and I'd be eating it cold for breakfast the next morning!

Nasty sandwiches yuck

That reminds me of when I had to eat my vegetables or couldn't leave the table. I hated peas and there were way too many on my plate. So I put them in my pocket when no one was looking, with a plan to empty them out after supper when I went back outside to play.

Well.... I had such a good time playing outside that I forgot all about the peas. Later when my mom was getting me ready to take my bath she discovered the peas all mashed up in my pockets - and was not happy. After my bath she took me down to my room and paddled my little hiney with the ruler - then put me to bed for the rest of the night.

This sounds like something I would have done, but only after suggesting we mail the peas to the starving children in Africa who mom always said wished they could have my peas. Yeah, that would have gone over about as well as BroccoliGate.

Lmbo...mail the peas to Africa! My sister hid her vegetables in the pantry. My mom accidentally discovered upon investigating unpleasant smell coming from the area! I'm sure she was spanked for it!

I don't like peas. or brussels sprouts. But I like lima beans . My Bff's family served them one night when I joined them for dinner. Since only their dad liked them, they played brussels sprout basketball, and tried to launch them into our classes of milk. Her mom encouraged us!! Her dad was even laughing for awhile.