My Admission...please Help Me!!

I went to a therapist on Monday. (A sex therapist). I was being told by a few of my friends that I might have a problem because I can't wear clothes for long. I must be naked. I must *** a lot. I am almost always hard. And I love when people see me naked. Most of my friends have been with me when I am naked, several times. I NEED sex, ***, and nudity.

So, my first appointment was Monday morning. There was not much progress in the session. It was mostly background information. She asked me a lot of questions. Have I felt the need to be naked when I was younger. I said I had the urges, but couldn't because I was living at home with my parents, which most teenagers do. I told her that when my parents and sister were gone, I would walk around naked. But when they pulled in the driveway, I would hurry to get drressed. I *********** ALL the time. But I assumed that was normal for growing boys. The urges started in my early teens. I told her that as soon as I moved out, I moved into an apartment. My friend from high school lived in the same building, 2 doors down the hallway. He would come by all the time. I was always naked. He eventually got used to it. He never asked any questions, tho. We made friends with a few of our neighbors. One girl would come down all the time to hang-out, talk about her various boyfriends, try on ooutfits before dates, etc. I was alsways naked when she would walk in, too. I never ****** her, tho. I always wanted to. She did come by quite frequently, though. But didnt seem to show much interest in *******. She has watched me ********** before. (By her request). I have seen her naked when she would switch outfits. Looking back, I wish I had pursued her more.

Back to therapy...I told the therapist that I love beeing seen naked by friends, coworkers, and strangers...EVERYONE. I told her that I enjoy when peopel watch me have sex. I like when people watch me **********. I told her that i LOVE ***. I like to see ***, feel ***, taste ***, drink ***, rub *** all over my body (and a woman's body). She asked if I liked being seen nude by men, or just women. I said I love being naked in front of guys AND girls. I told her that, while I was talking to her, I was fighting the urge to take off my clothes right then. I asked if I could. She said that was not necessary. I started begging for her to let me take off my clothes. She finally said I could. So, I did. I was hard and naked. I rubbed my **** and balls for a few seconds, then let myself 'hang free'. She asked why I thought I had an erection. I said I dont know. I begged her to help me, and asked what was wrong with me. She told me that I definately have a sex addiction.

She asked how often I **********. I told her 5 or 6 times a day...Maybe more on some days. She asked how often I have sexual intercourse. I told her usually at leats twice a day. She asked if it was with a regular partner. I said not always. I told her I have a few girls who call me regularly, but they all have other boyfriends. She asked if any of them had ever had sex with their boyfriend then come over and had sex with me. I said that happens all the time. She asked if that bothered me, or if I felt uncomfortable with it. I said no. She asked if I had feelings for any of these girls. I said we were just friends. (I was periodically grabbing, touching, and rubbing my **** and balls during the session, but never actually ************ or cuming). She asked if I had ever had sex with men. I said no, but men are sometimes present when I am having sex with a girl (or multiple girls). She asked, if a man were to touch my penis, would it make me uncomfortable. I said many men have touched it. Some have jerked me off at their girlfriends' request. They sometimes jerk me off and aim, so I shoot my *** on their girlfriends bodies. She said 'But no anal penetration or oral sex with men, from either perspective.' I said aboslutely not. Just ****-type scenarios.

She asked if I prefer younger women or older. I said both. I told her that I find ALL women attractive. I had been sitting on my underwear in the chair. I was getting tired of sitting, so I got up and started walking around her office. My **** was bouncing all over the place. I wanted to *** soooo bad, I was about to cry. I asked if we could take a break so I could use the restroom. She told me it was 2 doors down the hallway. I went to open her door. She stopped me and asked if I was going to get dressed first. I said no. Then I quickly opened the door and walked out. She tried to stop me, but I was too quick. I went into the restroom and *********** while watching myself in the mirror. I cummed in the toilet so that I wouldnt make a huge mess. I went back to her office. She asked if I excused myself to **********. I said yes. I had a llittle *** still on the head of my ****. She gave me a tissue to clean it off. She asked if it was normal for me to maintain an erection after I have an ******. I said yes. She asked how long they usualy lasted. I said anywhere from 2-4 hours. She asked if I continue intercourse after I achieve my first ******. I said yes. She asked how I eventually get my erection to subside. I said I can't, and that I have to wait for it to go down on it's own.

She asked if I took any kind of muscle enhancement drugs (because she could tell I work out a lot). I told her absolutely not. She asked if I was taking any type of ED drugs. I said hell no. I would explode. We talked for about another 15 minutes. My **** was still hard. I was gettign fidgety. She asked if I was ok. I said I was fine. I was unaware of it, but she pointed out that I was squeezing my **** with my thighes. So I tried to stop, by leaning back in the chair and spreading my legs apart. My balls fell and hit the chair. My **** was throbbing and pulsating, bouncing with every heartbeat. I could feel my body begin to tense-up. I have felt this sensation many many times before. I knew I was about to ***, without even touching my ****. I apologized in advance, and told her that I was about to have an ******, and that I cant stop it. She got me several tissues. The second after she handed them to me, I started cuming all over my chest and stomach. My **** was pulsating hard. One shot, hit my face. I had simply started cuming without touching my ****. I apologized over and over, saying that I didnt mean to do that. She asked if I have spontaneous ******* often. I said not often, but I do sometimes. She said she had never actually had a patient do that before, but most of her patients are clothed and do not have an overwhelming need to be nude.

I cleaned my *** off myself the best I could. I begged her to please help me. She said she will. She asked if I was ok to put my clothes back on, because our time was up. I said yes. (I was STILL hard). She made another appointment for this afternoon. She told me that this was going to be a very long road to recovery, and that she will need to do some research and consult with a few of her colleagues, since this is a more extreme case than she usually deals with. She asked if she could bring in another doctor on my case. He is a male doctor with some experiences in extreme sex addiction, and he might be able to help. I said that would be fine...Anything to get this under control. I told her that I cant keep a girlfriend because of this. I always thought women wanted a guy who would **** them nonstp...all the time. That is not true. She said that we may need to begin with medication, but we will discuss that in today's session.

After Ileft therapy on MOnday morning, I went straight to work. I was still so ******* horney. I went into the bathroom and *********** a few more times throughout the day. I even took off my clothes and drove home naked. (It is dark when I leave work, so no one could see me). I have been strugglling all week. I cant take this any more! I didnt tell her this (I forgot), but I sometimes call in sick to work because I cant make myself put clothes on. I have to stay home and *** all day. I have one of my friends that I call when I am having a really bad day. She comes over and we **** for a couple hours. Then she gets tired and watches me ********** a few times.

I cant take it anymore! Whats wrong with me?!?!?!?! Somebody, please help me!!!!! Give me some advice. I AM DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
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Dec 6, 2012