He Lives Next Door :((

It was last year. I was walking with my old non friend we will call Cindra. We were talking to this geek girl named *Zora. We wanted to go shopping and make her get ugly stuff. She said she old ask her dad and then call us. We said OK and left to go tell our other good friend we will call Anna. She laughed and then left. I then walked Cindra home. Which was a block away from Anna's. I said good bye and started towards my house. up one block and I noticed a man with a all black look. I got scared but didn't want to run so I stayed calm. I watched a crime shoe once and they told you to stay calm. I decided to walk a bit faster so I did. I looked behind me and he started walking faster. I then made it to the corner first and made a mad dash. As I looked back for the final time I saw the man at the cor nor and then turn my direction. I went up to another block when I saw him try and find out where I went when h noticed me. I got scared and decided to run to my house when he walked down to his driveway. Right next door to my house. And when I looked in his eyes he mouthed the words " you got lucky" I opened the door and told my mom. She told me to just go straight home from now on. That night I got ready for bed and looked over at my neighbors house. He was looking at me in my PJ's. I realized he slept on he bottom of the house which was right across from my room. I haven't had anything happen yet and I hope it doesn't.

lifehater13 lifehater13
13-15, F
Feb 27, 2009