It's Amazing Who Stalks You

When I was 16 I went out with a guy way older than me. He lived out of state, and my parents wisely let me talk to him on the phone for fear that if they forbade it I would run off.

Well, I rarely saw him, and by the time I went to college I had "out-grown" him.

Sadly, he didn't accept my moving on gracefully.

For the next five years he would call, write, want to visit. What unnerved me was that he would suddenly stop for months and moths, I would relax, let my guard down, and then BAM! I'd get a phone call or letter. Or, something would set him off, like seeing my parents at a vacation spot. Then it would start again.

I graduated college. I moved. I'd relax. The phone would ring. This was after answering machine but before Caller ID. It was wearying. My landlord became pissed for me.

Then I go engaged. First the guy laughed and didn't believe it (in a "Who would want YOU" way). But then he became enraged and threatened my fiance.

How I ditched him? I married, got my name changed, and moved. Not the brightest bulb in the room, he never found me again.

My husband's friend heard the story and poo-poo'ed it (in a "You just WISH you were stalked" or in a "You deserved it" way.) Then, HIS family got phone calls that would ring and ring, the machine would answer it, and they would hang up!!! OMG! MY PRECIOUS WIFE IS BEING *STALKED*!!! They checked it out... called the police... traced the call.... told the neighbors... And it turned out to be an automated solicitor. I told him, "Really. You have no idea."

Then THAT friend started IMing me, email, calling, EVERYTHING!! I didn't want it to go there, and WORSE! I didn't want the APPEARANCE that it was going there! It took me SIX YEARS to ditch the Family Friend... ir for him to get the message. He had hinted that my computer was "keylogged". Well, I've given him stuff to "keylog" about! Like telling the internet that he's a stalker.

Now I am just merely FaceBook stalked. This woman I call "The Rash". My daughter writes something edgy on FB, this woman scolds her and calls me. I write on my Wall, she comments. I post something, she "Likes". She does this SECONDS later. It's like she checks up on me all day. FB isn't fun anymore. Thankfully she lives out of the country. Sadly, she has money to burn. She always asks when our vacation plans are and where we're going. She will MEET us there! Now she calls us "Family"! The way she treats me... and my hubs (!)... is getting creepy
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you know... i believe stalkers ( pure stalkers, those who want to fit in, not those who want to steal something or worst) are just lonely persons with low confidence, i will accept my stalkers but those two girls want something else ( one tried to kiss me damn it) if you want to avoid more stalkers, be mean with strangers and then they will fade away... well that's what i think

Unfriend her.

and block her that simple