Obsessed Childhood Stalker

It started when I transferred to a new school in third grade. Isaiah was blown away by my appearance and...get this...last name (it's the same name as a singing sensation who passed away in 2009). he could not read and was failing school so I becmae his victim and he the bully. I was slandered and named a **** and prostitute. Growing up I was without any friends and it is only now (in my thirties) that I realize that he stole what could have been healthy relationships. You see, the lies he made up about me distorted people's perception of me. But things became all the more worse. Isaiah raped me in my sleep and reproduced with me in 1996. I later learned this in 2003. I am at a crossroads, as I am trying with desparation to make my case public. I have contacted the media, police, and government officials. All this is an effort to locate him and start a suit. Essentially, I am posting this to gain tips as to the best possible plan to prosecute isaiah and sue later. If there are any questions for clarification please let me know.
sadstart sadstart
31-35, F
May 23, 2012