How Do You Know It's Happening?

I have been stalked when I was younger but, now I feel that I am free of it.
But, how do you really know you are being stalked?
I post this up on this group instead of in questions because it will be taken seriously.
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2 Responses Sep 11, 2012

1. you saw somebody spying you, looking your activities whitout saying anything.
2. your friends may tell you somebody is spying you.
3. when you are alone, like walking home or working, you find this person.
4. the stalker seems to be anywere now-
5. the stalker start following you and sending messages to you with your friends.

i'm sure there are more characteristics, but on my own experience this is how i realize it

hope this works and sorry for bad English

For me it was the fact that I was being followed to and from work. My driveway would be blocked by her car. If I went to the store right after work I would be followed right into the store. She made no attempt to hide the fact that she was stalking me.<br />
<br />
It got to the point that no matter where I was I just assumed that she was there somewhere following me.

I was stalked by a person at my college and noticed him following me.
However, he was hiding that he was following me.
It is hard to know really.. and when someone stalks you online.. its kind of freaky to think that they are following you without knowing!