I Want A Girlfriend But....

so i'm walking home (yeah i like to walk) and a girl who is two years older than me shows up and start asking me about what kind of music i like and that stuff, stuff you will normally ask for someone who you want as friend but... here is when i realize she stalked me, she knew about my extra classes, some of my likes, my schedule and she came near me to know more.

not even my closest friends know about that, so or she is a psichic or she stalked me... the worst, she is not a cute girl, and the fact of stalking me show low confidence.

i have saw her only once, thats who i know she is older, and i wasn't interest, now i'm even less interested, and is not the firs time a girl stalked me.

well, if some one read one of my stories, this will sound familiar: i'm in love with a very close girl friend, she know it, we are still friends (i'm one lucky bastard) and we spend most of the time in school together (most believe we are a couple... ah if only thaty were right) and there is this girl who appear out of no where when we are talking and stand there trying to enter the conversation, we add her, but she leave quickly... and every time i'm with my friend she appears and stand near me.

some said i give confusing signs, because i offten touch the shoulders of my girl friends, at times her neck and play that i'm going to bite them (they have enough trust on me to know i'll never hurt them) and my friend that i love i don't touch her because... i don't know i feel like i can't.

so, is this girl trying to tell me something or she just want to be my friend?

and to all who have been stalked, don't feel strange, it shows you are an object of desire.
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

Yea but stalkers are very dangerous, it's not something to be flattered by (like ok maybe a little flattering) but still!!! being stalked isn't pleasant and it can be very life threatening sometimes :( and besides, who wants to be seen as an 'object of desire' we're not objects we're human beings too!!