My Very Own Stalker Hahaha Phuck

OK THIS IS RIGHT NOW HAPPENING AS WE SPEAK ok this is kinda messed up but idk how long its been going on but when my mother was pregant from another guy and had to leave for awhile we stay with our dad me my brothers and sister n my dad live wit his Gf so the got us an apartment to live in and all quite young ummm preteens i guess n that was long ago but my sister told me this just acouple months ago cause it seem kinda strange that my dogs always barked about 3-5 in the morning thats someone would knock on her window at night and also cause my dad still ilve wit GF but there was anotheer person who lived in the basement kinda like 2 houses but my point is my sis's room was by the back door where the stair led to her room and i never relizied its been happenig for awhile not we live with our mother aggain just right outside town lotta tree a **** n something always knocks on the door at night both doors but not everynight n while i went out on the deck late at night cause my bro was fixing his bike bout 2am n there was some 1some under the deck came out and just calmly walk into the woods you see my dog went with my brother on his night ride n n another time i was in town at my grandmas n my bros were there i went for a run in the evening n came back n it was dark n my bro ask me who are you runing with i told him no1 n he said look right there n some was following me but couldnt see who it was n ignored it cause he went into aparty house so we went inside n my cuzz i i we sitting in his room the window was open n some1 was whistling out **** that was creepy n i aw him in thw woods in front of the house n he didnt see me cause everyone left n he was making something but he didnt see e so i went outside just as my uncle was walking here so i told his n itt was a kinda tree stand wtf right but it was cool cause theres another family right down the street n if he ever gets the gut to try something on my fam ill blowhis f ucking head off oh n all thoughs creepy call haha whatta u think bout it
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2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

OMG im glad ive not been misfortunate enough to not have a stalker

yeah i wish i was you

That is Exactly what my stalker does. I mean everything you said. This loser has been doing this for at least 4 yrs now. I'm 49 yrs old and live alone and finally left my home and started renting again and have moved twice and this freak still follows. I am so glad you have family to kick his a** with cause when you're alone it's really tough. The window smacking , the casual walk off when noticed, the same time every time like he has certain job hours or has to be somewhere. I pray he'll go away but he never does. He broke into my home so many times I've lost count. He urinated in my kool-ade

really in your kool-ade