Such An Idiot

As unbelievable as it sounds, I did have a stalker, even though I'm now a 52 year old man. This crap started about four years ago.
I was in a chatroom, talking to everyone in the room, when someone asked what I meant with an answer I gave someone.
We wound up arguing and after that, he hunted me down every day. No matter which room or what game I played, he would show and start harassing me.
From there, he somehow found me on any social site I went to. So I started using an alias on anything that revealed your name. And if someone asked my name, I told them Victor.
Every time, he somehow figured out who I was, though. And he would never leave me alone, always threatening and cajoling.
I had to use pseudonyms until last month, when the idiot was arrested and put away for life imprisonment. I know because he had harassed me so much that I had figured out things about him, like his real name and hometown. But I didn't let on that I knew.
I checked his hometown paper every day for the arrest records, as I personally called his local police department a few times, calling in fictitious crimes. I had seen him online, discussing kiddy ****, so I based my calls on that.
Then about three months ago, I saw where he was arrested for child ****. I kept calling myself Victor until the day came when the newspaper said he had received life, with no room for appeals as it was a crime against children.
Never have I felt such relief. And now, I can proudly say my name is Stan.
stankadiddlehopper stankadiddlehopper
51-55, M
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

Pleased to hear your stalker has been locked up Stan. Unfortunately there are many more creeps like this circulating in the community so alias names online are always a good idea.

Yes but most don't mess with middle aged men.