Last Sunday!!

Myself and my partner got stoned last Sunday! We are on 55mil Methadone, so we had had that! But my favourite drug of choice is Cyclizine! It is a travel sickness tablet believe it or not!! My partner had scored a bottle of 100 tablets! We had planned to sell some on, but we got greedy and took the lot!! We had about 50 to go by this day.I normally inject them, which involves crushing them in a greetings card, with a rolling pin. Then use a fresh needle, and barrel, steret, tissue and plaster ready. You also need freshly boiled water from the kettle(luke warm). Once crushed to a fine powder, you dismantle the barrel, by taking the plunger out. You pour the powder carefully, carefully into the barrel, keeping your thumb over the open tip(where you attach the spike). Then you push the plunger back in, up turning the works so you do not spill any. Then put into the cup and draw about 2.5mil of boiled water. Keep thumb on tip and shake! Then add your spike, flick it to remove any air bubbles, squirt a little out to check it isn't blocked, then you are ready! Now you need time where you are not about to be disturbed! As rushing it, panics you, makes you shake, and you are more likely to miss the vein! So relax, I check everything is to hand! Plaster out and ready, tissue for if you miss and start bleeding.Steret to Cleanse your wrist/arm/foot/hand!! Breathe, oh and get tourniquet ready! Can't forget that! That will bring the vein up!! Choose your site, cleanse. If you are lucky you will get it first time, or second! If you are unlucky and you have been injecting for a long time ,like me! Your veins will have collapsed, sunk, disappeared!! So choose carefully! I tried to get my inner arm, but no dice, then my forearm, but that vein is a wobbler, and the spike can enter and leave the vein, giving you a miss! By now I am panicking! My partner points to my wrist, there he says! I have never tried there before and I am not sure. But I am desperate so I go for it!! Enter the vein, and once you're in a flush of blood enters the barrel! Now slowly without moving much inject liquid into vein!! The relief of getting it in a vein is a hit in itself, then you feel a rush to the head, while it hits your brain!! Savour this, then quickly untie tourniquet, get tissue to blot area, and put plaster on! By now you are shaking with the rush!! Make sure plaster is on, relax, get rid of needle, rolling pin, tissue, wrappers, card and book as well as cup!! Now enjoy it. Roll a *** kickback! I know I have missed a little, as I felt some pain, but it doesn't look too bad. I want to start again, but I know if I do, my judgement will be off. I will keep trying to get the vein and miss, miss. So the other tablet I swallow. This is safer, after all, that is what you are meant to do. Despite everything being OK, I maybe panicking now. I always get a rush of pure panic, that THIS TIME, something will go wrong!! Maybe I will get anĀ abscess, or maybe an infection, or like my mate, I could lose some fingers or my arm!! The FEAR can become huge, if you let it! So I purposely think of other things! We are both happy now, I've had my fix and partner feels the tablets coming on! We can tell as we both start chatting, but when on Cyc, you tell a story then all of a sudden you forget the point to the story! So you grind to a halt! Despite this we enjoy our day, walk the dogs, talk, meet friends. Soon soon this will stop forever!! I am going to Detox then Rehab, so these are my last chances!! In 2 weeks there will be no more of this forever. The cyc make you speed, or alittle like smoking Crack! So when you've had enough, you pop a downer! Is this my last party?? I think so you know!!After all I've been at addiction for 20years and it is time to stop. It will be a big change, but I need it!!Goodbye Needles, Farewell, Highs! Its natural good feelings from now on!! Wish me and my partner luck everyone!! I will need it! I'm lucky I will be cossited and looked after, my partner will be alone ,here with all the temptations!! I can't come off like that, I need professional help! Send my partner your love as he will be alone literally, as we are allowed NO CONTACT! It IS THAT STRICT! But we have come through troubles before, and I know we can do it again! Keep clean people, put down the spike, it ain't worth it man!The destruction you cause, the disappointments, upsetting everyone who cares for you! Stop now! Don't be selfish! All this has repercussions! Every action has a reaction! Consequenses! You reap just what you sow!!
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I know you are right, but mmmmmmm after reading this, I so much want to do it!! Thanks for the rush sweetie. Very sexy.

I'm actually cringing to read this as I've stopped injecting now, and I don't want to start again. I gloryfy it, and it shouldn';t be!! Please don't start Chris, I mean it!!! What if you go over on your first hit?? Done that yet??Not fun my friend!!! Please think on it, Cath

I appreciate your caring, Cath, but I am not going to inject. Did it twice with Meth about 8 months ago, and that was enough. I know you think it might be glorifying it, but it was still a very hot story!!! Chris.

Oh I'm glad you get it!! You know that was a long time ago, well it is when you're on drugs!!!lol But I feel m maybe I'm encouraging people to inject, and I didn't care then, but I do know!!How was the Meth?? We don't have it here, or oxys, how r they??I hear they're good???Just curious!!??Thanks for liking the story, love Cath p.s you reading all of them??You'll be here all day, lol??Appreciated though huge, really want to be your mate, love Cath

When I'm rushing on my run,and I feel like Jesus's son

And I guess that I just don't know, I guess that I just don't know! Heroin, It'll be the death of me! Heroin, it's my wife and it's my life, Ha! Cos when the blood begins to flow and it shoots up the droppers neck, and I'm closing in on death, and I guess that I just don't know. I guess that I just don't know! CATH!! WRITE ME!