Thrice Stoned, Great Time

Haven't been stoned in years, but thought I'd share my favorite experiences:
A young cousin in CA met me about 1996 when I went to surf camp. I don't live near the ocean, so he had me stay the night before he drove me to camp. I would then stay at his Dad's place after the week long camp. At his place, he offered me my first bong hit - I had only ever smoked joints before. It laid me out so bad I had to lie down and eventually just go to sleep, but I loved the high. After my week at camp, he picked me up and offered me his bong so we could hit the road. I did three hits and had to quit since I knew I was going to be so high I couldn't function at all. I remember him driving down to the highway in this great dreamy hazy fog. The highway was awesome. Next thing I knew - 45 minutes later - we were at a drive-thru ordering food with me really stoned in the passenger seat, head lolling, hearing him order and pick up the food, but still really enjoying my thick stone. I was so stoned he didn't dare take me to his Dad's place, so we crashed at his place for a while. Well, actually, I crashed, stumbling into his apartment. He had a much higher tolerance. He asked me what I wanted to do. I wanted to hear my - then - favorite band while stoned, Metallica. But I could only start the word. He grinned as I tried to get the word out. "You can do it," he said. I think he said it several times. I did finally get the word out: "Meeehhhhh ttttaahhhhllll iiiccccckkkkk..." It was enough. He understood and put it on for me. It was awesome music.
A couple hours later, I was out of my stone enough to go to his Dad's place, where I was staying before flying home. He left me there with enough of a stash to last a few days if I was careful. I was alone one day, watching the grill while it slow roasted the meat all day, My job was to add hickory chips to the fire every so often. Of course, I got stoned when everyone else was gone for the day. I even managed to get hickory chips on the fire often enough, but was still partly stoned when everyone got home that evening. I even accompanied my cousin to the store for a couple of things and kind of got lost since I was still fairly well stoned.
Did I love it. Hell, yeah!
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51-55, M
Dec 3, 2012