UK Customs Search

Hi all,

I was ***** searched coming back into UK my experience is below.


I was searched a long time ago when in my 20s after coming back from Amsterdam with the remains of a joint in a pocket. I was never totally naked I had to ***** down to bra and knickers with two officers watching. After searching my clothes they then asked me to remove my bra which one searched while the other had me lift up my arms to look at armpits and then had a good look at boobs. Lucky they are quite small so did not have to lift them up or anything. They then gave me my bra back and after I put that back on said ok luv just pop your knickers off, sliding them down and off while being watched was quite a turn on really. I had to give my knickers to the officer again and while she checked them the other had me stand with legs apart while she crouched down and had a very good look at my vaginal area. Did not have to squat which I think would have been really embarrassing but was then asked to turn around and she asked me to stand with legs apart and then again it was ok dear (made a change from luv) just touch your toes for me, then she had a good look at bum, was tempted to look back through legs to see her expression but chickened out and just looked at floor. I was a little nervous at time as they both had gloves on but no touching at all, the luv and dear i assume was to put me at ease not that you could not fail to be nervous in that situation. After all that got dressed still with them watching and was allowed to go on my way. Whole experience was quite interesting really, undressing in front of people and then being almost naked in front of two fully clothed people in a non-medical setting.  Have always wondered what the officers think when they are doing these sort of searches. 
lisapa7 lisapa7
36-40, F
Sep 23, 2012