I have been dealing with severe pelvic cramps and bleeding for as long as I can remember. I always felt something was wrong but didn’t pay that much attention to it until I started having sex. It seemed like every time I would be intimate with my boyfriend it would hurt for days afterwards. I also was feeling tired all the time and would bleed for weeks. The first time I had a pelvic exam I should have known for sure something was seriously wrong, the exam left me in excruciating pain for a week.

My doctor at the time did nothing except put me on depo which made me bleed on and off for a year. I had even mentioned to her that my cousin had severe endometriosis and two of my sisters had it along with cancer running in my family and she still never tried to see if that’s what was wrong. Finally in 2003 I saw a different doctor that said after the very first visit he was pretty sure I had endometriosis and scheduled me for surgery.

Sure enough he found it all over. He said it was very diffuse and he didn’t take any of it out. I went on lupron and didn’t feel it was helping after four months so I got off. I ended up trying it again for the full six months and felt a little better but still had symptoms. My doctor prescribed pain meds on and off but always made me feel like a drug addict even though I only asked a few times a year. Finally he said he felt he couldn't help me any more and sent me to a specialist in D.C.

The doctors there did another surgery and this time they took out as much as they could. The doctor said I had so much damage in there that no hormones would have helped me. I actually felt relief from the surgery for about a month and a half, then it all started back. I was supposed to be trying to get pregnant but my boyfriend and I had a falling out so there went that idea. In the meanwhile I switched jobs and had no insurance to even get on lupron again.

Whenever I've gone to the specialist I've paid out of pocket and all he can do right now is give me pain meds every once and a while. I have always loved children and dreamed of having a big family one day. I have helped raise my sisters children and work at a day-care but there's nothing like having your own.

The agony has gotten so bad that I have actually talked to my doctor about a hysterectomy. He said he wouldn’t do it. I have come to peace with the fact that I don't think I can have children and feel that God has chosen me to be a foster mother. Right now I still have no insurance and no one will help me get any.

Fortunately, I found Fuyan pill from one of my friends who suffered from this disease too. After 4 months treatment, I found all of symptoms disappeared and she felt very good now. Fuyan pill is really an effective medicine which has helped me out from the condition troubling me for over many years.
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Jan 10, 2016