Who Are They And What Are There Goals .

if i am right i traced there origins back to sumaria . it seems a revolt of thier slaves started and the city fell . i think by what i studied the first place they went from there was egypt . they were known as the living gods and again the people were enslaved . some went to rome and manipulated the people and became warmongers to try to rule the known world . they took slaves conquerd others for power and wealth then the arab people rose up and beat them in egypt (remember anthony and cleopatra ) . she killed her self using a asp as the tool of her suicide !

then when rome moved north the merovigian line of the ilumminati became the royalty of europe . remember king aurther he was artoreus castigus of rome and the english royals began !!! as you know we deal with royals here today in america . bush, cheney , john keary, yes and even obama . other high figures both past and present .

the heads of the federal reserve bank bought them tons of pull and unlimited wealth for many years creating money out of thin air .now they are very strong in our country

they enjoy pain and suffering of others . remember the roman crucifictions it is a dark form of the cabala energy trough pain of humans these people are very dangerous and must be beaten back into the shadows realm

there goal very simple to enslave all of humanity !!!!!!!!!!!

georgeb99 georgeb99
46-50, M
Jan 9, 2013