And Yesterday And The Day Before............

I have been on here all day, it is 3:45 new york time and i been on here since i got to work around 9:30.

i assume i will be on here till i leave around 4:40 and.......longer if hubby is late.  i needed this web site and i am glad i found it and i am very grateful to all the friends i have become in contact with.,  ....  so thanks all of you, from one lady who has had tooo many tradgedies for one life time.  it has been such a relief to be able to write down all these things that i needed to say.  so i am happy to be in the ep vortex today.  peace everyone and have a good weekend.
<3   -L
iamstillrighthere iamstillrighthere
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1 Response Jul 9, 2010

has happened to a lot of people dear,,cheers and am sure 4 years on you still end up there :)

Hi! Yes I am back on EP after a couple of years they got the iPhone ap which allows me to keep in touch! Not so easy to whiteboard but I'm grateful for what it's got. I got scooped away on Facebook and games for awhile. No more games reakky but still do Facebook. Have a nice day

wouldnt know about facebook ,never did that , just too much to cope with, was happy with good old yahoo messenger and lucky a few old friends still keep that on lol

I like Facebook but got caught up in FarmVille and I wasted so much money!!! OMG. How dumb. That and super poke pets and Petville. But whatever. I learned and that's important!!