The other day I spent about 5 hours here ... I did take some breaks to do other stuff but I'd come back here. Yesterday was almost the same. Today ... well I am planning to go out later for a workout and I've been getting some housework done but again, I keep getting sucked into EP. Is this good?
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my name is isaiah im 13 years old my mom past away when i was 12 in i just donnt no what 2 do because cps made me move with mi grandma and mi ant and they don't like me 2 see other member but still prayin R.I.P my mom kim allways in forever.

While watching TV too :-)

Wowah! 5 hours! I have been on for about an hour, which is typical for me. But I truly have nothing better to do.

I can't stop coming here either. I have joined 267 groups so far, wrote over 100 stories, and wrote over 100 comments, during this week. It's so addicting