Well , Well And Well

Well , well and well ...i don't have any ideas of what kind of things i should say about me in order to make people understand me ...

I don't have extraordinary hobbies i don't climb the Everest in my spare time , i travel around the universe with a book in my hand and the music playing .

I absolutely love people who always have something to say , people with sense of humor , people who can talk even about apples without bore anyone .

I hate immorality , dirty talk and all that area .

Though people see me as quiet and calm i have tones of energy (should see me dancing) things i often hide because i am shy and i open myself to a small group of people .

I also hate cold people , who can't love and appreciate others who don't bother being kind and polite .

Algt is guilty for the words above , he tagged me ...
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Nice Gene Expression in words of you

oh, thanks Ilayna, I'm always curious about you :D so lets talk about apples :P

haha you definitely should tell us more about your belly :D

I'll not flag until you tell me EVERYTHING about this belly haha