I May Have Been Taken Wrong

If I have offended any of you, than I deeply apologize from the bottom of my heart, it doesn't matter how much you love and care for people, some of them just don't give a ****. I fight this battle every frigging day that I live. and as long as God knows that I am trying my hardest, then that's all that matters in the End, I know there are some good people still in this ****** up world, and I have been honored to meet a few of them. and I also know that we are responsible for our own actions, but its tough when your surrounded by so many hypocritical, and negative thinking ******* and bastards, it kills me to say it but its the truth, and ep is like a ******* soap opera, and you have the remote right in the palm of your hand. so if you don't like it then change the ******* channel, its a hell of a lot easier than changing people!
jackronhollow jackronhollow
51-55, M
2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

what happened Jackie, that's not like you, and honey I wouldn't worry about anyone upsetting you like that, I know how kind you are, and I am here for you
lol, Kacy

I'm sorry someone has hurt you Jackie. Big (((HUGS))).

thanks Val