First Job Experience

When i left school at 16 I had no idea of what to do workwise, it did not help that the summer was red hot and i was hanging out with friends playing cricket football and also nude sunbathing,after leaving school in mid may apart from going back for the odd exam it was the last couple of days in September before i got a job in a large wearhouse ,the interview was very short i was asked if i could write my name and address i did this and was told you start tomorrow 8-30am.
I started on a Wednesday morning and was shown round a lot of people worked there, the groundfloor was the wearhouse it looked busy ,the upstairs was the offices i was told i would see everyone in the offices on Friday.
I was given some jobs to do and the day went quick with my fellow workers asking things about me another young boy of my age called Daniel who had started on the Monday asked me a few questions and it turned out he knew me from playing football at school ,he had gone to a school on the other side of town and he remembered me because of my short shorts.
We got to Friday near to dinner when some of the older lads called Daniel to help them round at the waste section , i heard some noise but carried on working, about 20 minutes later close to dinner time i was called for i went to the waste section and saw what was happening they had a tin of black treacle and a big bag of feathers, they said its ***** time all newcomers have to do it, i panicked a bit and saw four lads ready to ***** me ,i dreeded being held in the air and ******** so i quickly made it known i would cooperate and i just took everything off , there was a few stares and some giggles the lads just stood looking about 15 of them i said come on get on with it ,i was embarrased my tiny penis was so small they all laughed and one said its a baby still time to grow,they then started to tar and feather me after only one minute I was fully covered head to toe three of the lads then said lets go upstairs and say hello to the ladies ,i was taken in the first office with 4 girls all about twenty year olds ,they all staired like mad and comments like oh we have a brave one here or lots at this its a naked boy before i left with all the laughs and comments my penis began to get erect, the next office had a range of ages with 6 females working away the older ones commented on my nude appearance and at this point the penny dropped when one said oh my god hes showing his **** ,the lads had let me ***** off without telling me it was only down to undies no wonder i was getting loads of attention anyone else was being paraded in there underpants, we went into all six offices by the time we reached the third office my penis was as big as i had ever seen it ,two girls even shouted hes got an erection my face would be beetroot red but the tar and feathers stopped that showing,once downstairs i worked the afternoon round the back ,yes working naked and using all breaks to go in the toilets trying to remove the tar and feathers ,once home i had to bath in hot water with loads of soap my mother in between seeing the funny side helped by rubbing my back and legs,afterwards said took me downstairs clean again and still naked, i went over her knee as she explained it was a lesson in life and a teambonding exercise and said this now is also a life experience as she strapped my bottom 25 times because i had ruined one of her best bath towels,boy did it sting .
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Sep 20, 2012