3 Times

i never did until 2007  because until i was 21 i was a virgin but one night i took a walk alone and because of a stupid mistake i ended up going to get tested the first test was undecided scqared me so bad i hated all men i couldnt eat or sleep 3 months later the 2nd test was negative  but they still had to do a 3rd because i guess it can take as long as 6 months to show up  well that 3rd test they told me to sit in a room and wait when she came in she looked so sad i  started freaking out and she said calm down little one you dont have it just sad that we wont sere you no more i know i dont have it  but i still wont let noone touch my blood or  like  the finger poker things ffor the sugar test
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it is really scary and thank you <br />
~hugs cuddles and love~ always