The Waiting Is Stressful.

The first time I had to wait 2 weeks for the results and those 2 weeks were hell.

I had a classmate who almost had a mental breakdown, she had recurrent nightmares and was on edge the entire time.

I suppose it was the long wait that had us all worried, we had enough time to sit and reminisce about how many times we got stuck by used needles and what actions to take if our results were positive.Thankfully all the results were negative.

But now thanks to technology some tests take 2 days while others as little as 60 seconds and knowing that the result is negative is worth the agony of waiting.

This experience really made me aware that HIV is part of my everyday life.

During my second year in nursing school I was doing my Obs/Gyn rotation. There I was assigned to a 36 year woman who was admitted for elective surgery. One day I had to DC her IV line,  I can still her saying "Nurse, use a glove" of course I didn't cause during the course of her stay we became friends, she really was a nice person.

Then in my third year during my rotation at the Genito Urinary Medicine Clinic I saw her again, she was a member for over 4 years and she was looking better than ever and yes, she was HIV positive. That gived me a wake up call.

Candita Candita
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 16, 2007

I know the stress can be tremendous. Thank the heavens they have developed that new technology so that we can tell within just a few minutes the results. When I was at the dr last year i got that test done and it was still scary but relieving to find out so fast that i was negative. i havent done my clinicals for nursing yet but i must admit im really nervous about the needles especially nervous about having to stick someone.