Relationships Are Worth It

I and all of the people I am involved with get various tests. Some every six months, some every year. Nobody we know of any sexual connection to has been positive for anything as serious as HIV.

Herpes type 1: Very common. If it has symptoms, it is typically "cold sores" on the mouth. Many people who have it do not have symptoms. Some of us test positive for this but have either no symptoms or only mild symptoms. Most of us don't test for it. None of us think it is worth avoiding kissing when there are no symptoms.

Herpes type 2: If it has symptoms, it is typically similar to type 1 except on the genitals. My girlfriend got it from a guy in college. She didn't know he had anything, it turns out he had cold sores, aka "oral herpes" which is usually type 1 but he is one example of the fact that either type can exist in either place.

We have also been frustrated by a false positive test result for Herpes type 2. The usual tests are not 100% accurate, especially when there is a strong positive result for type 1. That person eventually found that the usual test was wrong from the far more difficult and expensive Western Blot test.

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Mar 9, 2009