Ee me through a common friend and when I slept with him I didnt know he had a girlfriend. He told me on the second night. I was stunned because I had nver been with someo e who was comitted. I tried to break it off for a bit.. but we got back again.. why.. I had come out of a relationship a while ago and my ex was the most insecure.. mean and messed up dude ever. I had gone into depression but had already recovered when I met this man. He treated me and my body with utmost respect. We shared a connect intellectually. Not just physically. We said I love you in a non romantic sense to each other and meant it. Sadly after 6 months he made a trip back home and I found out from fb he got married. we spoke and I told him it was ****** of him to not inform me. Even though we knew there was no future. I told him we should stop talking because now he is married. He reluctantly agreed. People will probably think I got what I deserved. But we were just 2 people whose paths crossed and needed each other and found a companionship. His gf was nothing like what he sought in a woman but he said she was a good person. And he wanted to marry her because she was the same nationality. I thought it was cowardice. To compromise like that. I am ok that he did not choose me. There was never any question.a few months ago he tried to get back with me and I said no. Your wife is living here now and you made a commitment to her .. I feel sad that I met a person who had similar goals . We enjoyed each others company.. could talk about anything... he has even seen me at my worst.. and barring the fact as he said he was addicted to sex.. and thats why he needed me (sex. Companionship) here while his girlfriend was elsewhere ..he was a good person.
It also changed my perspective on adultry. One cannot judge right and wrong. Emotions are complicated. I never ever thought I would be the other woman.
jamieontherun jamieontherun
36-40, F
Aug 19, 2014